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Electric stove of foreign capital of industry of furnace of Dan Yangheng force r
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Thailand establishs limited company of peaceful heat treatment
75KW temper furnace
105KW cementite furnace
60KW temper furnace
350KW is muti_function well type furnace (protection of temper, atmosphere, vacuum is shining)
(Nigeria) Changzhou foreign trade
1050 × of 2100 × 750 cars furnace
(Germany) foreign trade of Lian Yun harbor
Belt of net of high temperature of 220 × 50mm answers 2100 × burner
(Korea) the foreign trade that extend a limit
1150 × of 2800 × furnace of 950mm stage car
(Malaysia) Suzhou foreign trade
1100 × of 2600 × furnace of 1100mm stage car
(Vietnam) Changzhou foreign trade
1800 × of Φ furnace of resistor of 1600mm well type
(Germany) foreign trade of Lian Yun harbor
1600 × of Φ furnace of resistor of 2000mm well type 2
(Japan is entered ask for an electron) Shanghai foreign trade
1100 × of 1100 × furnace of 1100mm sirocco loop 2
Canada starts magnalium line of business limited company
1200kg is continuous fused furnace
Intake air heater of movable type combustion 6