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The normalizing craft of the steel of heat treatment
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The normalizing craft of steel
One. The purpose reachs application
Normalizing is will rolled steel or all sorts of metallic machinery spare partses heat the proper temperature of critical point Ac3 or Accm above, heat preservation cools in air after proper time, get the heat treatment technology of pearlite matrix organization.

2. Craft standard
(1) the normalizing of commonly used steel grade heats temperature and hardness value.
(2) the computation of time of normalizing heat preservation, can consult quench procedure.
(3) the refrigeration of normalizing workpiece is commonly air is cold, big normalizing also can use fan refrigeration, sparge refrigeration to wait, with obtaining ideal
The effect.

3. Operate a point
(1) the workpiece of close of standard of normalizing temperature craft, allow to be handled with furnace.
(2) expensive to exterior quality requirement work heats should take the aeriform safeguard that prevents oxidation or decarbonization.
(3) workpiece uses working temperature commonly or install furnace high at working temperature a bit. Be like mutual jackknife feed a machine, answer to lengthen heat preservation accordingly
Time 1/4.
(4) workpiece should be placed equably work effectively in the chamber of a stove or furnace in the area.
(5) after work goes heat, should place dispersedly in dry place air is cold, must not pile up workpiece, must not put in damp place.