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Furnace of resistor of type of well of course of study of furnace of Dan Yanghen
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Limited company of day peaceful heat treatment (Thailand)
2000 × of Ф 3000 Mm (early or late 5)

Foreign trade of the harbor that connect the cloud (Thailand)
2000 × of Ф 2400 Mm (2)

Shanxi Tsinghua machinery plant (5)

1500 × of Ф 5000 Mm

Shanxi decides assist annulus factory (2)
3500 × of Ф 2500 Mm

Jiangsu presses down in relief diamond to curium a factory
1600 × of Ф 2500 Mm

Group of Jiangsu Nature's engineering
20 are covered

Jiangsu flies amount to a group
10 are covered

Heat treatment of Nanjing gold eaves factory
5 are covered

Shanghai turbine plant
4000 × of Ф 2000 Mm

Annulus of the high pressure that decide assist factory
10 are covered

Dan Yangjing labour spy steelworks
8 are covered

Factory of Xuzhou slewing ring
5000 × of Ф 2000 Mm

Yi plain corundum factory
6 are covered

Limited company of fastener of vessel of peaceful wave gold
2500 × of Ф 2200 Mm

Enlighten heavy swaged forging creates limited company (5)
1200 × of Ф 10000mm