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973 plans of our country obtain 4 big outstanding effect
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In the 973 plans that held recently composition of adviser of the 4th expert establishs the conference to go up, department of science and technology says about chief, 973 plans of our country (national emphasis basic research develops a plan) since holding water oneself, outstanding result was obtained in 4 respects.

It is to will understand natural phenomenon, announce the order of nature, get new principle of new knowledge, development and new method to serve as main goal, fetch a batch of significant primary gain that achieve a gender, elevated our country the status in international academia significantly. For instance, our country is in nonlinear it is important that the research of a certain number of main fields such as science of the molecular engineering of new material of material of rice of information of optical crystal, quanta and communication, accept and accept rice structure, creation, protein structure and function, head was held in the world.

2 it is to be the hi-tech of the domain such as technology of rice of agricultural biology technology, medic content technology, accept, the sources of energy, material to develop sex of sex of the look up before was being made, strategical, foundation to contribute. For instance, this one plan is in exploration of oil gas resource, raise iron and steel of production of oil recovery ratio, clean gas, high strenth the respect such as material of material, aluminous material, general high polymer, around the significant demand that the industry expands, solve crucial and scientific problem, the breakthrough that carries basic research forms own intellectual property, enhanced industrial competition ability significantly, exploration gives a basic research to promote produce learn to grind new approach of union.

3 it is the great and scientific problem that exert oneself solves relation the national economy and the people's livelihood, promoted the basic research of the domain such as our country agriculture, population and change of healthy, environment, zoology, whole world the standard significantly, can develop continuously for our country society laid scientific foundation. For example, this one plan changes in the whole world deploy of ground of sex of the look up before the respect more than 10 major projects, make global change answered measure to provide scientific basis for our country.

4 it is the flower power in condensing team of our country basic research, stabilize and developed the team of national basic research of a Gao Shuiping. One large quantities of outstanding in young scientist is carried out in 973 plans project in made the research work with top-ranking international, undertake major project through the organization, increased to hold macroscopical strategy direction and the ability that organize major task research.

It is reported, new the expert adviser group that establish is comprised by 30 scientists, week smooth call together holds the position of a group leader, lieutenancy 3 years.
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