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2020 global technology revolution
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The times that we live, various technologies are applying increasingly at each respects of the life, from what can eat to arrive to be able to film digital photograph can send and receive email again already into the radio emitter inside body muti_function mobile phone. The world is experiencing revolution of technology of a whole world, biology technology, accept rice technology, material technology and the rate with shirt-sleeve IT are rapidder and rapidder.

The technology 2020 will still be the confluence of each discipline skill, this kind of confluence will produce far-reaching effect to the society. To 2020, the shirt-sleeve technology that can implement includes personalized medicaments and treatment; The insect heredity that controls plant diseases and insect pests decorates a technology; Computation (or on silicon chip) medicaments discovers and experiment; Molecular identifying is directional give drug; Copy is born to restore to transplant with the function; Use the rapid bioassay that technology of biology accept rice undertakes; Inside commodity inside buy sensor and computational device; Data of high-powered accept rice structure; Small-sized and efficient portable generate electricity system; But the organic electron device that batch produces (include a solar battery) ; Intelligent fiber and fabric; The cannot become aware camera that nowhere is absent and advanced infect feeling network; The has search function large database that includes specific individual and medical treatment data; The wireless radio frequency that can have dogging with product and person to business identifies a technology; Bind technology of type information communication generally (include Internet wireless connection) ; Information safety transmits used quanta password system, etc.

The pace that the technology grows still very fast

The pace that the technology grows still can be shown accelerate a trend, and can develop toward much discipline increasingly, technical application is shirt-sleeve with each passing day also. To it corresponding trend is, unifinication of whole world of day of connection of publication media, Internet, scientific conference develops, still have more delicacy and the development that have alternative instrument more and union.

The difference of ability and demand is driving each country of world of global technology revolution to be put in very big difference

As a result of the technical capability of each country, the institution that overcome an obstacle and drives technical application place to need, manpower and corporeal ability are put in very big difference, the influence of global technology revolution will show very large area and international difference. Additional, the regional difference of demand will affect the market impetus of technical application.

North America, Western Europe and Asia (include Australia) scientific developed country develops from the technology in benefit is maximum, because they are had,be obtained and use the capacity of the mainest technique.
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