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915 our country will build infrastructure of 12 great science and technology
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National hair changes appoint released capability of own innovation base to build " 915 " program, put forward to want to build infrastructure of 12 great science and technology, establish center of science of 30 or so countries and national laboratory, build and perfect key laboratory of 300 or so states.

Basis by hair change appoint, this program of formulate of combination of ministry of science and technology, Ministry of Education, "915 " during binoculars of device of source of neutron of spallation of construction of national general key, strong magnetic field, large chronometer, marine science inspects remote sensing of boat, aviation integratedly environment of construction of system, frozen wind tunnel, mainland monitors a network, major project material enlists in army facilities of establishment of safe research evaluation, protein scientific research, child.

To achieve the goal that the program advances, the country will increase public finance to be mixed to fundamental sex, commonweal sex strategical the investment that considers to develop establishment; Strengthen a country to invest the guiding of pair of society capital; Increase support of policy sex finance; Before increasing the tax that considers to develop establishment to throw to the enterprise, touch buckle, the tariff of derate of establishment of research and development that cannot produce to importing home and import segment value added tax.