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Gear quenchs the quality problem in refrigeration reachs his to settle way
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No matter be cementite quenchs, carbolic nitrogen in all ooze quenchs, the induction heats quenching still is whole heats quench, the problem of heat treatment quality that gear quenchs cooling process may appear basically has: 1. Inadequacy of the hardness after quenching, quench voice hardness not all, quench sclerotic deepness is insufficient; 2. Hardness of the core after quenching is exorbitant; 3. Quench be out of shape out of tolerance; 4. Quench craze; 5. Brightness of the surface after oily temper by dipping in water is insufficient. The problem of this kind of quality that the works appears often pledges with the material of gear, pre-treatment, quench heat and quench refrigeration is concerned. Eliminating ability after qualitative, pre-treatment and the problem in heating, the action that quenchs medium reachs relevant technology is particularly outstanding. In fact, abroad's cooling to quenching in recent years research also proves, in the work that improve and improves heat treatment quality, the most notable is to quench cooling. Quench refrigeration undertakes in liquid medium mostly. Gear quenchs those who use is quenching oil, water-solubility quenchs normally medium and tap water. Accordingly, the above quality problem that gear will analyse to quench cooling likelihood appears above all below and place are used quench the relation of the character of medium and usage, point out solution is the same as problem place to need to quench the cooling rate of fluid distributings anything but characteristic. Simple introduction is subsequently commonly used quench the cooling rate of medium distributings characteristic and the note when choosing.

One, quench the quality problem in refrigeration 1. Hardness inadequacy and sclerotic deepness quench cooling rate on the low side is to cause gear to quench hardness inadequacy, hardness all is not mixed not quite the reason with sclerotic insufficient deepness, but, according to quenching size of qualitative, shape mixes the material of gear actually heat treatment asks to differ, can divide again for high temperature phase cold fast inadequacy, medium microtherm phase is cold fast inadequacy and microtherm phase are cold the different situation such as fast inadequacy. For instance. To in pinion, phase of the high temperature in quenching hardness inadequacy often is is cold fast inadequacy be caused by, and the gear wheel with large modulus asks deeper temper by dipping in water is hard when the layer, raise microtherm cooling rate very necessary. Use oil to quenching, say commonly, oily steam film level is short, medium Wen Leng fast fast, and microtherm cooling rate is rapid, often can obtain tall and even quench hardness and hard depth of enough temper by dipping in water. Workpiece outfit hangs means to be affected apparently to quenching refrigeration effect also has. Should make quenching oil flows unobstructed, be deployed and use good dasher, ability gets better result. Raise place to use quench the microtherm cooling rate of medium, often can increase depth of hard layer of temper by dipping in water. Distributing in concentration of ooze layer carbon below same situation, use the quenching oil with microtherm higher cooling rate, often obtain deeper quench sclerotic layer, accordingly, after using the quenching oil with rapid cooling rate, can shorten accordingly the cementite time of workpiece, also can win a demand quench sclerotic layer deepness. The deepness of hard layer of cementite temper by dipping in water of the requirement is bigger, this kind of method shortens the effect of cementite time is more apparent. 2. Hardness of the core after quenching is exorbitant this kind of problem may choose medium with place cold fast too fast or the microtherm cooling rate of medium is exorbitant about. Settling one of way is to change quenching oil will satisfy a requirement. Of method is with quench medium produces manufacturer to contact, have what join proper additive to reduce quenching oil in the light of the ground is medium microtherm cooling rate. Of method is to convert temper by dipping in water appears the steel with lower sex to plant. 3. Quench be out of shape the problem quenchs be out of shape make many factory injuries showed head. Press a habit, be out of shape the settlement of the problem wants drag in normally many branches, settlement way often is comprehensive measure. Published recently about quenching metabolic article, cause metabolic reason to main end is not worth for cooling rate and cool not all, put forward to raise cooling rate on this foundation and try to realize what cool equably to solve principle method, can offer reference [1] . Rise quench the measure of cooling rate also lists in this bibliographical reference, want only when application reasonable the measure that chooses same function way is added. Quench with respect to what can solve major gear be out of shape problem. For instance, of gear inside spline aperture is out of shape, the quenching oil high temperature that often is place choosing is cold fast inadequacy, perhaps say oily steam film phase crosses chief reason. The high temperature that raises oil is cold fast raise oil to be in of whole and cooling process cold fast, can solve commonly inside of spline aperture be out of shape problem. To in pinion, compare accurate gear especially, had chosen classification with good isotherm quenching oil is control is out of shape necessary step. 4. Of gear quench this problem basically goes craze problem to heat in the induction now in quenching. Choice good ability in swimming quenchs medium, the PAG that uses generally domestic and internationally for instance kind quench medium (if boreal capital establishs what company of careful chemical industry produces today 8-20 of the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty) replace the tap water that uses so, the problem was solved. The induction heats quench use PAG medium. Can obtain tall and even quench hardness and hard layer of deep and stable temper by dipping in water, temper by dipping in water cracks dangerous minimum. 5. Shining problem has the situation that this respect asks, ought to choose shining quenching oil or fast and shining quenching oil. Normally, the shining sex of shining quenching oil is good a cooling rate is not quite high, and the shining sex of the quenching oil with very high cooling rate is not quite good. In addition, the shining sex of hot oil is general poorer also, can change new oil or fill add the additive that raises shining sex.
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