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6 σ : The quality concept of new century
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6 σ are by Motolora the company regards an organization as to begin overall quality to run a course his at 80 time above all the concept of a kind of quality that this achieves optimal performance and method, also be Motolora company at this point make American wave the chief gainer of award of quality of many lis of odd states.

The feature of 6 σ

6 σ use the evaluation method that is a center with the client, each administrative levels begin drive organization interior to be improved continuously. A few basic ideas that Motolora company stresses formerly are the thought basis that forms 6 σ , include:

(1) unit product blemish (DPU) reach in running a course, the blemish that runs an existence 1 million times every (DPMO) , be like: Not was in 4 hours in the inquiry of answer client, bill opens a mistake to wait. Serve as DPU and DPMO apply to any industries- - manufacturing industry / engineering industry / administrative course of study / the performance Standard Dimension of trade line of business.
(2) establish project group, offer groom actively, in order to make the organization increases profit, decrease without additional cost activity, shorten periodic cycle time.
(3) the advocate that pays attention to supportive group activity, they can help a group carry out change, get sufficient natural resources, the strategic goal of work of diplomatic corps group and organization keeps consistent.
(4) groom the management process that has high quality improves an expert (call " black band sometimes " player) , they are applied qualitative the strategic goal that with mensurable improvement the tool realizes an organization.
(5) ensure improving process initial stage to determine reasonable evaluation level continuously.
(6) the process that accreditation has qualifications and record of service improves an expert, directive project group works.

6 σ and traditional procedure are improved

The " that we still write down so that 60 time put forward 0 blemish " , what do this have to differ with 6 σ ? 6 σ emphasize in the process this each pace is spent to user satisfaction undertake evaluating, to evaluating a result every time, carry group activity, shorten ceaselessly total cycle time, reduce DPMO. Through carrying out 6 σ , the DPMO that place mirrors instead is very small already, already the perfect " with alleged true " . Emphasize fixing the defect of the each pace in the process here, will show defect with DPMO, make improve a target, it is different that all these improves a method with traditional abidance. But are 6 σ what to method adopt to come to those who improve come true?

Examine when us when 6 σ method and technology, the method that we discover to 6 σ place is used and traditional procedure improve a tool to have the place of a lot of striking resemblance. For example: 6 σ method involves main problem to solve a technology, includes quality tool has: Analysis of cause and effect, arrange graph of graph, histogram, sampling inspection, control to wait. It still uses technology of a few analysises, if statistical process is controlled (SPC) , failure mode and evaluation system analysis, effect analysis (FMEA) , the experiment is designed (DOE) , hypothesis analysis. Additional, it still includes to ask a few " that the problem solves content of soft " sex: The group is built, project management, contradiction is solved, cross function problem solution to wait definitely.
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