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Two kinds of quenching oil study to what quality of board reed heat treatment af
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Through be opposite the contrast of the cooling character of fast and shining quenching oil studies Y15-II of He Jinyu of N32 engine oil, and the 60Si2Mn that undertakes to using two kinds of oil and 50CrVA steel sample quench the constituent function after refrigeration is analysed, studied the effect of two kinds of oil to quality of board reed heat treatment. Experimental result makes clear, the inadequacy of high temperature cooling rate of N32 engine oil is his unwell the reason that at the 60Si2Mn that effective ply is more than 12mm board reed quenchs. Now the vapour film phase of quenching oil of fast brightness of Y15-II of the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty is short, high temperature cooling rate is rapidder, have enough microtherm cooling rate, the 60Si2Mn that can satisfy 14mm the following ply and 20mm control 50CrVA board reed to quench.

With machine oil hardening, oleaginous good add swing goodly, just make board spring temper by dipping in water appears the 60Si2Mn with thick 12mm likely, but produce in large quantities of quantities, and below the premise with more influencing factor, with respect to the effect of very inaccessible satisfaction. Although use water-solubility to quench the result of fluid is right also, but because administrative link is more, need uses an independent circulatory system, the production of product of qualitative to different capable person, different specifications lacks flexibility, answer fast and changeful market demand hard. Contradict to solve above, dig the potential of traditional 60Si2Mn spring steel. The article tries to use new-style today Y15-II of the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty is fast shining quenching oil to thicker 60Si2Mn board reed undertakes quenching cooling, undertook contrast with the cooling character of N32 engine oil. Apply to in order to explore thicker the new-style oil that board reed quenchs tastes sectional 60Si2Mn.

1 experiment condition reachs a method

The Y15-II of He Jinyu of N32 engine oil with new old different scale is fast the cooling and characteristic experiment of shining quenching oil is in oily Wen Wei 50 ℃ , bulk is 1200ml condition to fall, use IS09950 international standard to have a test, with KHR-01 cooling character instrument determines oily refrigeration is characteristic.

The board reed of two kinds of steel and draw materials are 14 × at norms the 60Si2Mn spring steel of 100 and 18 × the sample of drawing of standard of 50CrVA spring steel of 100, heat into type heating furnace with BLl2-220 pace at the same time, use Y15-II of He Jinyu of N32 engine oil respectively fast and shining quenching oil quenchs cooling, ℃ of 20-60 of oily Wen Wei. Check metallographic tissue with Axiotech metallographic microscope; With WE-30t machine of all-purpose material experiment has tensile test; Check hardness with sclerometer of HB-3000 cloth pattern.

2 tests result

The refrigeration of the N32 engine oil with 2.1 new old different scale is characteristic
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