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Quench common problem and solve skill
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Ms dot follows the addition of C% and reduce

When quenching, wo Sitian body begins super-cooling the 為 Ms dot that the temperature of prose style free from parallelism of cropland of abnormal 為 hemp weighs, the 為 Mf that the temperature that allergy finishs weighs is nodded. %C content heals tall, ms nods temperature to be reduced more. The Ms temperature of 0.4%C carbon steel makes an appointment with 350 ℃ of 為 to control, and 0.8%C carbon steel is reduced control to about 200 ℃ .

Quench fluid can add proper additive

(1) salt joins in water but refrigerative rate is double: The cooling rate that brine quenchs is rapid, and won't temper by dipping in water is cracked reach quench inhomogenous phenomenon, can saying is the idealest temper by dipping in water uses refrigerant forcedly. The accretion of salt scale with weight per cent 10% 為 appropriate.

(2) there is foreign matter to suit to should quench more than pure water in water fluid: Solid particle is joined in water, conduce the abluent action at workpiece surface, destroy steam film effect, make cooling rate increases, can prevent to quench the happening of stain. Because this quenchs,handle, need not pure water and the it is very main to quench the technology is idea that uses mixture water.

(3) polymer can allocate water-solubility to quench with water fluid: Polymer quenchs fluid can be allocated according to the degree that add water go out to arrive by water of oily cooling rate quench fluid, very 為 is convenient, and the anxiety that does not have social effects of pollution of etc of fire, pollution again, sex of the look up before be being provided quite.

(4) male ice adds alcohol to be able to contain juice with Wu Shen cold treatment: In joining male ice alcohol but 產 is unripe - the even temperature of 76 ℃ , it is very practical microtherm cooling fluid.

Hardness and the associated sex that temper by dipping in water spends at top speed

Should change rolled steel to quench only cooling rate, can obtain different hardness value, main reason is the organization that rolled steel interior creates differs. When cooling rate slower from time to time passes the Ps curve of rolled steel, temperature of allergy of Wo Sitian body is right now higher, experience generates Wo Sitian wave come body, allergy begins to select 為 Ps site, pf of 為 of abnormal and terminative dot is nodded, wave come the hardness of body is lesser. If cooling rate is accelerated, when cooling curve won't have cut Ps curve, criterion Wo Sitian experiences allergy to become the Ma Tian prose style free from parallelism with taller hardness. The carbolic content of the hardness of hemp cropland prose style free from parallelism and solid dissolve is concerned, because the hardness of prose style free from parallelism of this hemp cropland meets those who follow the content that write %C,increase and greaten, but after exceeding 0.77%C, the quantity already did not have the carbolic solid dissolve inside hemp cropland prose style free from parallelism to increase apparently, its hardness changes also hasten Wu Huan and.
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