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Compositive framework can reduce automation of Er of Wei of Luoke of family expe
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"We choose ControlLogix controller is the much more phyletic control as a result of it, versatility and function of special information processing. Have it, b&W company can handle all businesses that need does, the control function that includes many PID return and component information dog function. " say of Dan Michitsch of controller of product of electron of Can-Eng Furnaces company.
The control that Allen-Bradley ControlLogix PAC is in charge of electric stove control, conveyer belt report accusing furnace of ark, ageing and heat treatment operation information is transmitted in accessing the server central, the memory that has news thereby, file and restore. This controller still satisfied a client to be able to be offerred to the system can track gender and the requirement that visit ability easily.
"Software of design of compositive framework IAB offers B&W company new system how to be designed, process designing and started accurate blue print. It makes we believe firmly ControlLogix can satisfy the rate that our system place wants and functional requirement. " Michitsch say.
Had ControlLogix PAC, b&W company can include in the implementation in the system complete control, communication and visible inside function, those who realized factory limits level and perpendicular way is compositive, promotion crop, reduced manpower cost and simplify groom. Can-Eng Furnaces company also achieved remarkable earnings through using ControlLogix platform, included process designing and systematic design time to decrease 50% , and the time that start decreased 20% .

About automation of Luoke Wei Er
Limited company of automation of Luoke Wei Er (NYSE: ROK) holds lead position in the domain such as motivation of global industry automation, control and IT solution, devote oneself to to help a client improve their competitive dominant position. Company of automation of Luoke Wei Er is integrated the well-known trademark of industrial automation domain, include Allan among them - Buladeli (Allen-Bradley® ) control product and project service and software of Luo Kewei Er (Rockwell Software® ) the automation management software of development. Headquarters of automation of Luoke Wei Er is located in American Wisconsin Mierwoji city, the branch is set in 80 many countries, existing employee is made an appointment with 19, 000 people.
Automation of Luoke Wei Er is in China
Be in China, automation of Luoke Wei Er has many more than 1000 employee, 24 sales orgnaization (include Hong Kong, taiwan area) , 5 groom center, center of center of a research and development, development of a software and center of 2 OEM application development, set manufacturing base respectively in Shanghai. Associate of channel of a few accredit of company and home and 29 key universities began active collaboration, offer support of wide world's top-ranking product and solution, service and technology to groom for manufacturing industry jointly.
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