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Core is strong piece eliminate stress anneal
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Silicon steel piece core is strong piece eliminate stress anneal

Cold rolling electric steel is taken piece (silicon steel piece) , rushing to cut and bend in waiting for treatment process, produce mechanical stress and strain, bring about magnetic aggravation, iron caustic can increase, because electric steel of this cold rolling is taken piece (silicon steel piece) after classics treatment, undertake elimination stress anneal, can eliminate mechanical stress and meet an emergency, restore the magnetism with original material. Will eliminate stress anneal to be as follows about item introduction now:
1, annealing temperature
Temperature is unfavorable choose exorbitantly, with can restoring in the limit of of original magnetic standard. Annealing temperature on the high side, can improve magnetism further admittedly, but corresponding meeting affects insulation coating or make fold a felt. Electric steel of cold rolling orientaton is taken (orientaton silicon steel piece) choose 800 ± commonly 10 ℃ . Cold rolling does not have orientaton electric steel piece (without orientaton silicon steel piece) choose 700-750 ℃ , annealing temperature prep above 750 ℃ , atmosphere should be protected to oxidize to not have inside strict control furnace atmosphere.
2, annealing time
Show the temperature inside furnace achieves the heat preservation time after set annealing temperature. Actual annealing time is a basis anneal means, annealing furnace, the quantity that install furnace, means that install furnace and core dimension wait for an element and decide. Heat to prevent to be in and in cooling process, because thermal stress brings about core to rush piece be out of shape, must control appropriately heat speed and cooling rate. Heat means had better be chosen develop a flank to heat from core, heat in order to come true quickly equably. Cooling rate inspects the quantity that install furnace and decide, should under 30 ℃ / when, when the amount that install furnace is larger, still should some lower.
3, anneal atmosphere
Choose core of in order to to rush piece do not oxidize, not cementite and electrical engineering metal strip piece (silicon steel piece) exterior insulation coating is a principle without apparent aggravation. The hydrogenous nitrogen that had better choose the 2-10% that contain hydrogen gas mixture. Join a few hydrogen can ensure core is strong piece do not oxidize. The dew point in protecting gas should be commonly under 0 ℃ .
4, take strict precautions against cementite and oxidation
Cold rolling electric steel is taken piece (cold rolling silicon steel piece) the quantity that contain carbon is less than commonly 0.003% , when because this is in,eliminating stress anneal, must take strict precautions against cementite, lest aggravation is magnetic. Furnace uses data, if furnace cover, negative should choose mild steel capable person, pour the leftover oil of a surface, answer to keep clear of before anneal, preventing to develop an oxidation is the important step that removes stress anneal effect. Divide reasonable outside choosing anneal gas, when be operated actually, should affirm the chamber of a stove or furnace is sealed above all in good condition. In the meantime, before power transmission warms up, connect protective gas to make be swept inside furnace first.
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