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Steel group recombines company of Changchun electric stove in
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Steel group recombines company of Changchun electric stove in

On May 13, 2008 04:47 origin: Shanghai negotiable securities signs up for an author: Xu anxiety benefit

Reporter yesterday from which steel group learns, in finite liability company is in whole set of equipment of electric stove of steel group and Economic Commission of the Changchun City, Changchun 11 days Beijing is signed recombine framework agreement. In steel group and Changchun electric stove will use the cooperative means that includes to establish a joint ventures to wait inside, in steel group with cash contributive, the effective property that Changchun electric stove owns legally with its is contributive, steel group opposes a scale in the joint ventures in not under 60% .

As we have learned, this second recombine after finishing, steel group and Changchun electric stove strive to be in in 3 to 5 years inside, by in steel group is contributive 100 million reach 150 million yuan, make the company market research and development make afresh have international first-rate for an organic whole, home advanced level, annual produce exceeds 500 million yuan " base of Chinese electric stove " .

Current, product of dominant of Changchun electric stove includes furnace of steel-making electric arc, finery to wait, home market is had rate amount to 70% above, export ten countries and area. Predict production value will achieve 200 million yuan 2008.

Yang Liqun of president of Changchun electric stove expresses, at present the company is had in home market rate had exceeded 70% , continue to increase portion latent capacity not quite, and after subsidiary of group of the steel in becoming, but the advantage resource of group of the steel in have the aid of, market of development whole world, what realize an enterprise thereby is big span.

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