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Steam of industry of stage of our country head " new-style equipment " -- chemic
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The indefatigable effort through approaching half an year and experiment repeatedly, finite liability company developed project of equipment of environmental protection of oasis of the boat in Nanjing a few days ago steam of industry of the generation after a toxic waste gas that can arrange biochemical trade, liquid waste, waste liquid burns adequately " new-style equipment " -- muti_function chemical incinerator. Of this furnace come out terminative chemical domain " 3 useless " the difficult problem of processing.

Relevant controller of boat oasis company says in, this product equipment has thermal capacity big, volume is minor, the characteristic such as performance on the safe side. The flue gas of the eduction after trash classics burns is accorded with " dangerous trash burns pollution controls a standard " , residual and avirulent, asepsis; Whole burn the process all uses PLC control, equipment operation is handy, automation rate is high, can enter automatically give ash makings, automatically, set the safe protector that perfects reliably; Have not only burn liquid function, still have at the same time burn the function of solid, both perhaps undertake burning at the same time; Do not burn diesel oil, the calorific value that relies on oneself of the waste liquid that the factory discharges, waste gas only can burn, can use circularly. What this company sale gives Nanjing company of chemical industry of red sun biology is new-style muti_function chemical incinerator, use advanced DCS to control a system, through half an year much moving practice makes clear, can carry liquid state waste material technology of pulverization of pressure of micron level machine to burn completely, can treat high concentration foul water hourly 2000 kilograms, dangerous solid abandons 200 kilograms to mix effluvial waste gas 760 stere. Managing specific fuel consumption obtains this product 90% above, at the same time horary but additional reclaim more than heat produces steam 3000 kilograms of above, can be an enterprise every year managing the economic benefits of at least 50 million yuan of above.