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*ST grows steel life production to restore a loss not to have law statistic at p
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*ST grows steel life production to restore a loss not to have law statistic at present in order

"Too abrupt! " the at that time circumstance since memory, *ST grows steel (000569 prices, ) (000569) Dong Bishu couplet bright still one's heart still fluttering with fear. "Rumble grand is tremendous the building in noise is smart shake, develop an assembly room to reach hollowness point when us, just realize we encountered an earth shake! Just realize we encountered an earth shake!!

   Stricken be hit by a natural adversity stop production

The *ST long steel after strong shock is comprehensive stop production. Company factory building, equipment and worker housing are played havoc with, communication is interrupted, water, report, gas stops for.

4 plant area of *ST long steel are in dispersedly in dam, thick dam, contain add wait for 4 different area, mutual between apart a few kilometers differ to ten kilometers. The 3 plant area that basically produce special steel are located in distance urban district of two kilometers contain add a garrison post, and contain the north with serious the situation of a disaster of the distance that add a garrison post plain have 28 kilometers only, only of one hill lie between.

The reporter is contained from the urban district add a garrison post, enter forest zone, the rock that falls from hill is everywhere on highway, include a lot of length wide the megalith that is close to 10 meters, can imagine the situation of a disaster there has mountain much more serious. Look from the spot, the real case of 3 plant area is good the expect at us.

"Majority of 3 plant area is the building of 60 time, aseismatic capability is strong. Although with boreal plain is very close, but did not cause big destruction, 3 plant area in all 1200 people, without big personal casualty. Although communication still is interrupted, but plant area and be located in contain the life division that adds a garrison post to had renewed water and electricity supply, nevertheless air feed has not restored. " the Dai Xiaopeng of vice director of workshop of steel-making of 3 plant area that is on duty introduces to the reporter.

Same, besides the enclosure of a few cave ins, the one plant area of headquarters of company of the dam in be located in also cannot see the building that is destroyed by the earthquake apparently and manufacturing facilities. Like 3 plant area, one plant area a lot of workshops, cordon was pulled before including the door such as workshop of steel-making, steel rolling off-limits, because this understands workshop interior very hard,produce the attaint situation of equipment. In storehouse of a large open air of company, piled up the life goods and materials such as a large number of mineral water and convenient cover. Ms. Zhao of ministry of company handling of goods introduces, these material are the goods and materials providing disaster relief that comes from each, among them very big one part comes from Pan Gang group.
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