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Environmental protection of research and development of electric stove industry
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2004, the look of things of management development of electric stove and production of industrial furnace industry is good, obtain develop continuously. The company changes make enter later period phase basically, individual business already took existing share-holding system, civilian run the 98% above of the industry. Develop a characteristic in the light of the industry, branch works actively, make of value of industry product level make, the technical collaboration between the communication of information of science and technology, domestic and international enterprise is communicated and with mark of countrywide industry electro-heat installation appoint meeting assist the hand is made jointly edit a job such as multinomial international standard and national level, gain favorable result and headway.
Electric stove and working furnace are one kind when heat up the sources of energy to add with report or fuel is in national economy in each industry wide the industry that is application heats the important equipment of craft. The professional technology wide extensive that this equipment involves, resistor heats, the induction heats, electric arc heats, red extra heat, plasma heats, microwave heats, electron beam heats etc, the product has ten kinds big, norms of about a hundred breed, on 1000 individual series, apply extensively at the domain such as industry of iron and steel industry, aerospace, national defence, machinist job add heat treatment, fusion, forging, agglomeration, roast wait for craft.
This year, demand of market of electric stove industry still exuberant. Of the rapid development as national science and technology and domestic and international market open and of environmental protection demand increase, development high-tech, environmental protection, energy-saving wait for heating installation to become urgent matter. Especially the market demand that craft of material of special alloy steel, new structure, new-style heat treatment, Lian Zhu equips even make friends is very big. For this, advancing science and technology to innovate is this year the working key of the industry. Guide those who increase pair of new product research and development and new transfer of technology and publicize working strength; Continue to begin quality authentic product recommends an activity; Those who take an active part in international standard and national level make, edit; Strengthen domestic and international technology to communicate further, stimulative industry grows more quickly.