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Steely industry: Gain ability annulus invests politic report than rising
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1 - cast iron of countrywide accumulative total, crude steel and rolled steel output grew 8.7 only compared to the same period in April % , 9.4 % and 11.8 % , still apparent under the corresponding period was mixed last year annual increased a level last year, production of our country iron and steel is added fast maintain inferior level.

As a result of the addition with poor price of international home steel products, 3 - exported vigorous growth of fast of rolled steel amount April, annulus comparing rises. April, value of market of domestic steel products rises quickly again. This round because rolled steel is exported,rising in price basically is after the amount increases, supply of domestic natural resources maintains inferior level be caused by.

Because export growth is swift and violent, make domestic rolled steel overall demand increases somewhat lead, social inventory is digested strengthen. Rolled steel stock falls apparently. The stock of material of its central line and reinforcing steel bar falls most apparent, reduce respectively 28.68% with 16.71% .

Because price of international rolled steel rises a level of prep above country, difference of domestic and international price expands further. At the beginning of May, difference of integrated price index achieves international home steel products 104.93 a little bit, increase 54.82 a little bit than the beginning of the year. Index of material of its medium plate is 84.35 bits wronger, index of senior capable person differs 140.51 a little bit. The addition with international home poor price is formed to market of domestic steel products strong pull move.

The moving case that leaves processional job from iron and steel looks, each influence that main industry is walking out of calamity of snow of the beginning of the year gradually, industry growth picks up somewhat. But, because rolled steel rises in price and constrictive setting leaves the money, of the production of processional to falling course of study squeeze an effect to should pay close attention to closely.

Look than index from annulus, 2008 iron and steel appears on the market first quarter the gain level of the company is compared the fourth quarter had 2007 rise apparently. Business income annulus compares growth 9.1 % , the net profit annulus with vest in possessory parent company compares growth 16.1 % . Gross profit annulus compares growth 8.8 % , net profit margin grows 9.4 % . Because the rolled steel price first quarter rises,basically be bigger, covered the raw material price first quarter completely rise extent, gain ability annulus is compared pick up.

On the whole, the main area of domestic and international steely industry will guarantee price of rolled steel of the 2nd quarter will still perch moves. Continue to pay close attention to the iron and steel that has inferior cost advantage to appear on the market company and steely bibcock enterprise and the company that asset infuse anticipates.
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