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Fireproof 2008 material rises in price how does manufacturing company face cost
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Enter since 2008. Fireproof material production is needed main and fireproof former, ignite material price, appear to rise considerably again below the circumstance that rose 2007 trend. According to not complete count, common magnesia rises 46% the left and right sides. Intermediate magnesia rises 35 % left and right sides. High pure magnesia rises 21 % left and right sides, electric frit magnesia rises 6 % of 4 % ~ , - 195 scale condition is natural black lead rises 17 % left and right sides, black lead of 895 scale shape rises 36 % left and right sides, aluminous alumina (88 makings) rise 57 % left and right sides. Palm corundum Duan Sha rises 14 % left and right sides. Xinjiang chromic mine rises 65%) left and right sides, entrance chromic concentrate rises 120 % left and right sides, heavy oil rises 80 % left and right sides, rise at present the trend still is continueing. Rise considerably as a result of what burn material formerly, together with produces cost to rise ceaselessly, to fireproof material manufacturing company brought enormous pressure. How to answer such great cost pressure, guild thinks: Above all, company of each fireproof material production must perform social duty seriously, organize production according to market demand, the safety that ensures the high temperature industry such as steely, building materials is produced moves; Next, want to increase own innovation strength, improve technology, dig go fall bad news, clutch make loss, create profit as far as possible: Again, it is to follow market economy pattern, in make sure product quality is stable and below the premise that rises ceaselessly, according to market supply demand relations, adjust price system, the product with additional to the technology high cost implements price of high grade, actor, strive for profit hard. Want us to remember social responsibility, eye well to be dug upcountry only go, abide by the rule to manage. Can overcome difficult get the upper hand of certainly, assure to be able to bear or endure the progress that lumber industry produces management health, stability.