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Large hot-rolling props up roller v rehabilitate to make a technology
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As modernization hot-rolling board takes rolling mill to large change, high speed is changed, automation way develops, the demand that supports roller to hot-rolling accordingly is higher and higher also. To hot-rolling board belt what rolling mill uses is large the roller that prop up, should satisfy the characteristic requirement of following rolling:

(1) has higher compressive strength and good tigidity, enough bears tall rolling force and peak value bear;
(2) has good tenacity, flake with avoiding crackle of body of roller, roller and appearance;
(Layer of job of 3) roller body has good wear-resisting caustic performance and fatigue resistance can, in order to reduce roller cost;
(Layer of job of 4) roller body has even organization and hardness, make complete roller mask has even wear-resisting caustic sex;
(5) is had be able to bear or endure goodly corrode sex, in order to resist the high temperature in hot-rolling process and lubricant or cooling intermediary are corroded.

Be based on above character to ask, because alloy forged steel props up hardness of surface of roller roller body to be able to achieve 70HSD left and right sides, and hold good wearability and high mechanical performance concurrently, of the roller of alloy forged steel that prop up rupture tenacity excel cast steel props up roller, because the roller of this alloy forged steel that prop up already was become,at present hot-rolling board takes rolling mill to support the main first selection of roller.

The hot-rolling that has large hot-rolling to prop up roller board belt rolling mill basically has: Broadband steel heat connects rolling mill, laminose semifinished product (Lian Zhu) even rolling mill, medium thick board rolling mill, clement board rolling mill, the its hot-rolling roller that prop up is one of spare parts of important machine parts or tools kept in reserve on each product line, every large rolling mill should use up this kinds of a large number of roller every year, because wastage is big, roller price is high, cause the attention of technical personnel more and more. The actor bad of roller quality, affect its service life directly not only, and have very big effect to the quality of rolled steel, productivity and manufacturing cost. And the compound roll that uses v method rehabilitate, not only repair cost is low, and can improve roller service life, reduce roller cost amount, reasonable use managing alloying element, can improve the quality of the benefit of rolling mill and product at the same time, it is a kind of significant technical economy step. Accordingly, right hot-rolling board takes rolling mill to prop up roller to have v repair, raise its function and service life to appear very important further.

V technology asks

Prop up roller to large hot-rolling, the general technology of v rehabilitate asks to have:

(1) v layer should satisfy the requirement of specific chemical ingredient;
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