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Well type winds the operation of burner
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The preparation before a furnace
(1) whether does examination electric equipment have the dangerous thing that can arouse power source leakage of electricity inside control box and furnace, give take out.
(2) the electric equipment inside box of control of the examination after closing gate and meter job are regular, open appearance switch, make its are in labour
Make state.
2 furnace are produced
(1) ask temperature automata appearance to decide good temperature by craft.
(2) will control ark " handgrip " the position that is put in automata, the fan that start, power supply warms up.
(3) cold furnace warms up, to Wen Houbao lukewarm 2h can load workpiece (serial production, allow successive outfit furnace) .
(4) the spare parts gives furnace to should pull brake to cut off the power, after fan stops roll, use hand presses the valve of pump or pipeline of open pump hydraulic pressure and switch, or pull take offense to move switch to promote furnace lid.
(5) load basket of feed a machine or other clamping apparatus carefully with crane, make on the central line of its park furnace, 0 what notice to load
Do not touch with fan photograph.
(6) close furnace lid, make coincide of furnace lid edge is inside the chamfer of black lead wire rod, maintain the level of furnace lid.
(7) by craft the regulation undertakes operating.
3 use notes and safeguard
(1) furnace temperature is highest do not exceed 650 ℃ .
(2) load a part do not carry on basket of prep above feed a machine.
(3) the spare parts with forbidden and damp spare parts and smeary belt puts heat inside.
(4) do not allow fan to stop roll or appear continue when allophone electrify heats.
(5) clean the chamber of a stove or furnace every months, clear deoxidize changes leather etc contamination.
(6) do not allow furnace temperature prep above 400 ℃ , furnace lid is opened when intense refrigeration.
(7) the bolt on clip of line of contact of every months of examination tightens firm condition, lest the contact is undesirable,seasonable clear deoxidize changes a skin.
(8) every months of lukewarm to accusing watch and thermocouple undertake examination, demarcate.
(9) be opposite every months furnace lid elevator bearing of compose, fan undertake cheering lubricating.