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First homebred super- exceed parameter of boiler of group of critical fire elect
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The 1 million kilowatt with the largest size of first homebred stand-alone of our country exceeds exceed group of critical fire electric machinery boiler of 2 1 date, aircrew passes power plant of Hua Nengyu annulus the success of half an year moves, a few days ago in pairs assesses an experiment through function, each parameter all is achieved or excel designs a requirement.
1 million kilowatt exceeds the power plant of Hua Nengyu annulus that by Harbin boiler factory finite liability company makes exceed critical aircrew boiler, it is capacity of first homebred stand-alone of domestic parameter of the biggest, moving vapour content of highest, technology the aircrew of lowest of highest, coal consumption. Function assesses test result to make clear, main technique index reachs unit the world is the same as type aircrew advanced level, achieve piece multinomial " of the whole nation most " : Boiler efficiency 93.88% , advocate vapour parameter pressure of 600 Celsius, vapour 26.25 million handkerchief; Thermal efficiency 45.4% , compare what country already moved to exceed critical aircrew of coal fired of 600 thousand kilowatt is tall 3% above; Aircrew generates electricity coal consumption 270.6 grams every kilowatt hour, than 600 thousand kilowatt inferior critical unit is small 18 grams every kilowatt hour; Use low nitrogen oxide (NOX) the advanced combustion technology of 3 water chestnut companies of burner and Japan, the NOX chroma that discharges flue gas is 270 milligram every stere, excel country discharges a standard.

1 million kilowatt exceeds power plant of Hua Nengyu annulus exceeding critical aircrew to build a project is national major project, also be " 15 " national emphasis science and technology tackles key problem plan project " 863 " plan " super- exceed critical coal fired to generate electricity technology " of the task rely on a project. Constituent of 2 1 date, machine fastens the power plant on November 28, 2006, 1a2 month moves 30 days through trying 168 hours.