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Vacuum heat treatment the characteristic of furnace
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(The vacuum with strict 1) is sealed: Numerous calendar week knows, metallic spare parts undertakes vacuum heat treatment all undertakes inside airtight vacuum furnace, accordingly, obtain and keep the flat rate that furnace decides formerly, make sure the working vacuum of vacuum furnace is spent, to ensuring the quality of heat treatment of spare parts vacuum is having very important sense. So vacuum heat treatment a crucial question of furnace, should have reliable vacuum namely sealed structure. To assure the vacuum function of vacuum furnace, in vacuum heat treatment must in furnace structure design abide a basic principle, it is body of heater should use airtight to solder, leave less as far as possible on body of heater at the same time or not starting a hole, little use or avoid to use change sealed structure, with reducing the chance of vacuum leak as far as possible. Install the component on vacuum body of heater, accessory to if water-cooling electrode, thermocouple derives device also must design sealed structure,wait.
(2) heats to be able to use below vacuum condition only with heat-insulating material for the most part: Vacuum heat treatment of furnace heating to expect with adiabatic line work below vacuum and high temperature, put forward to these material consequently high temperature resistant, evaporate steam pressure is low, radiation effect is good, coefficient of thermal conductivity is small wait for a requirement. Demand of antagonism oxidation performance is not high. So, furnace used vacuum heat treatment extensively tantalum, tungsten, molybdenum and black lead wait to heat to expect with adiabatic compose. These material oxidize extremely easily below atmosphere condition, accordingly, furnace cannot use groovy heat treatment these heating with heat-insulating material.
(3) water-cooling device, vacuum heat treatment component of the furnace casing of furnace, furnace lid, electric heat guides do not deal with (water-cooling electrode) , the component such as door of heat insolation of the vacuum intermediate, all work below condition of vacuum, be heated. Work below this kind of very adverse condition, the structure that must assure each component is not out of shape, do not damage, vacuum sealing ring is hot nevertheless, not burn down. Accordingly, each component should set water-cooling plant according to different situation, furnace can move normally and have enough service life in order to assure vacuum heat treatment.
(4) uses low voltage big electricity: Inside vacuum container, spend when vacuum sky for a few limits that hold one Lxlo-1 in the palm inside when, the electrify conductor inside vacuum container falls in taller voltage, can produce glow discharge phenomenon. In vacuum heat treatment inside furnace, serious meeting produces arc discharge, component of burn down electric heat, thermal insulation, cause grave accident and loss. Accordingly, vacuum heat treatment the working voltage of the electric heat component of furnace, do not exceed 80 one 100 bend over commonly. Want to take effective measures when structure of electric heat component is designed at the same time, if avoid to have most advanced part as far as possible, the span between electrode cannot too small narrow, in order to prevent glow discharge or the happening of arc discharge.
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