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Blaze quenchs
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Blaze quenchs is one kind uses acetylene one oxygen blaze (highest temperature amounts to 3100 ℃ ) or gas one oxygen blaze (highest temperature amounts to 2000 ℃ ) heat workpiece surface high speed, subsequently gush water quenchs one kind cooling method. General and commonly used acetylene - oxygen blaze surface quenchs, its advantage is:
(1) equipment simple, investment little, cost is low.
(2) applies to single instance: Or pre production, also apply to the selective hardening requirement of large work, be like gear, roller, large housing (motor housing) , slideway.
(3) oxidation of surface of not easy generation and decarbonization.
(4) does not accept the restriction of spot environment and workpiece size, applicability is wide, the operation is handy.
Defect is:
(1) controls quality steadily not easily.
(2) is manual for the most part operate and master temperature by naked eye observation. The surface allows easy cremate, overheat and temper by dipping in water to crack, very inaccessible quench equably layer and high table
Face hardness.
(Production of running water of 3) implementation mechanization is relatively difficult.