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Of technology of heat treatment equipment mix today tomorrow
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Regard heat treatment of arenaceous lion three-in-one as technical contriver, american CEC company goes in the foremost edge that casts a technology all the time. Heat of union of craft of heat treatment of arenaceous lion three-in-one eliminates a model, mix except core, heat treatment arenaceous answer knock off foreword at an organic whole, this craft saves labor, the sources of energy and environmental protection cost, already made the standard that world cast handles at present.
Aluminous cast produces mix now in the future
Well-known, reduce what the gross weight of the car can reduce fuel to use up, the discharge capacity that reduces CO2, can raise the economic benefits of fuel at the same time. Accordingly, automobile manufacturing industry needs to use more light metal material to reduce fuel to use up with exhaust emission, cast of a lot of iron includes lid of cylinder body, crock, brake, apply the brake dish wait to will be replaced by aluminous cast place with suspension system.
According to concerning sectional statistic, in the new model that produced 2001, aluminous cast takes a car on average the 80 % of gross weight of all aluminous component, it is 118kg on average about. Ever since a few years, this one word is in rapid promotion, predict to be in 8 ~ will promote inside 10 years in the future faster, the scale that uses aluminium to make engine and the minicar of the aluminous lid that make a jar at the same time will achieve 95 % very quickly.
The production methods of traditional aluminous cast not only cost is high, and waste the sources of energy tremendous. The technological process of these cast is comprised by a few independent measure, each pace has nothing to do with the measure in front. American energy department and American material association are in before industry on look up conference allege: "The result that produces the binding energy of measure of technology of the heat treatment in the operation to achieve economic energy resources " .
Cast follow-up produces the tie of heat treatment craft
Conventional foundry technology includes to disappear arenaceous model of model, permanent model or nicety - assorted sand mold. Traditional cast aftertreatment working procedure basically includes fast refrigeration, go rising head, machinery goes arenaceous model / arenaceous core and artificial cleanness, back-to-back move heats cast, have heat treatment next again.
And these independent facility need more management to operate, carry among them can cause to cast damage, additional facility and operation need space of additional labor power, production and the sources of energy.
There is a kind of new patent technology now, it applies to arenaceous model of the half permanent model that uses organic binder and nicety to cast. Enter heat treatment furnace immediately after cast is caky, the cent condition that does not mention above need is operated. This technology calls heat treatment of arenaceous lion three-in-one craft, see a picture 2. It goes to those who cast core and go heat is arenaceous, arenaceous reclaim, craft of this 3 paces has cast heat treatment at the same time in the furnace in an automation.
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