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Converter " smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline "
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Kapok lane gets level ground, the 3 steel-making converter of steelworks of new steel vanadium " smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline " !
I dare not believe this is true all the time, a lot of is in that what wall of the steel that involve steel lived a few years " old iron and steel " also dare not believe. From 1971 of put into production rose that day, 3 converter begin " blow a cloud " , envelop whole workshop not only in billow smother, and straight still strong the sky, "Frighten " the Bai Yun that gets the sky also dare have not waved here, worry about Huang Lejie aing kind of sweet grass' white garment skirt.
"Which have not fumy steel-making converter? " when just having a job 1993, every time when I face the billow smother of workshop inside and outside to be in a daze, the master can use very positive tone to say to me. Really, classics of 3 steel-making converter year do not stop " a craving for tobacco " allow authority already be accustomed to sth. Workshop in the sky the smother that rise also already the memory that bake in a pan took a city, become steel city peculiar " scenery " . The density that the worker that involve steel needs to rise through smother only can judge the stand or fall that gives birth.
The head wears the safety helmet of wide edge, wear the thermal protective clothing of massiness, the big head shoe of heavy is on the foot, thick dustproof guaze mask obscured largely piece face. In those days, I am everyday such " the standard is illuminated " , all day long is before furnace add iron, measure lukewarm, sampling, tapping, ground of go round and round is repeating. Every other period of time, I and fellow workers still can wear one sort to be like the abnormity guaze mask at respirator to make the same score a clear ash to 22.5 meters. The dirt retention over there can have 339 centimeters every time thick, will whole foot is flooded rise. Work every time, we fluctuate all over, include auditive, key point mixing is a thick dirt in nostril.
Slowly, I suited gradually " go coming in smoke in smoke " blast-furnace man is made, those smother became me the if the shadow is followed,goes associate in the job. Come off work everyday nevertheless, the time that our blast-furnace man bathes can compare others long, soap often also feels the toilet soap of every month to be used not quite.
The footstep of days crossed 21 centuries. Duty generation is met on, factory director with him simple and honest clang baritone represents majestic commitment to collectivity: Oath still is done in the sky get level ground a blue sky! At that time, I believe not quite, great majority worker follows me also believe not quite euqally, think that is an a kind of a catchword, desire, dream nevertheless just, purely imaginary, yao cannot be reached.
The spring 2006 comes so that want than in former years it seems that some earlier. At the beginning of Feburary, the project designs personnel to taking a tool to come to converter spot survey, it is construction workers busy to come in workshop inside and outside subsequently, to converter, remove dust 2 times the system undertakes transforming. Hear, after transforming dust of the platoon outside can decreasing every year many tons 95000, the company spent 300 million multivariate investment for this, and after building, annual moving cost is about to count 10 thousand yuan thousand. Through a year of much tight construction, during this, we ever also stopped furnace several times to cooperate project to have contact. On July 15, 2007, whole remove dust ability revises a project as scheduled complete put into production.
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