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The production of cast iron, wrought iron, steel distinguishs the method with mu
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The distinction of iron and steel: Iron cent is cast iron and wrought iron. Wrought iron, steel and cast iron are iron carbon alloy, more or less be distinguished with carbolic content. Contain carbolic quantity to be less than commonly of 0.2% make wrought iron or pure iron, content is in of 0.2-1.7% make steel, content is in of 1.7% above make cast iron. Wrought iron is soft, plasticity is good, allow changeful entity, intensity and hardness all inferior, use is not extensive; Cast iron contains carbon a lot of, hard and fragile, have plasticity hardly; Steel has cast iron and wrought iron two kinds of advantages, it is the mankind to be used extensively.

Material is being chosen normally when casting sword select material is cast iron. But, casting sword moment must be the steel with good refine. Is the distinction of cast iron and steel over there? We know, the main distinction of cast iron, wrought iron and steel depends on the quantity that contain carbon going up, the quantity that contain carbon exceeds the iron of 2 % , make cast iron; Contain carbon to measure the iron under 0.05 % , make wrought iron; The quantity that contain carbon is in 0. 05 % - the iron among 2 % , call steel. Use a puddling to show the knife that carbolic steeliness builds, although compare sharp, but still short of can " behead Jin Duanyu, cut iron to be like mud " degree. Because the quality of this kind of steel is insufficient still good, how many what ooze of carbon of this kind of steel enters refine, those who distributing is even, the degree that foreign matter gets rid of, master very hard, and manufacturing efficiency is extremely low. To improve the quality of steel, craftsman of Chinese ancient time was invented since metaphase of the Western Han Dynasty " 100 steel-making " new technology. Northen Song Dynasty is famous scientist Shenyang draw together is in " dream brook conversation by writing " in narrate magnetism city the process of 100 steel-making, burn forge more than 100 times continuously namely, do not decrease to weight till. Alleged " 100 steel-making " , namely will piece puddling heats repeatedly fold forge is hit, make the organization of steel compact, component is even, foreign matter decreases, improve the quality of steel thereby. The sword quality that becomes with 100 refine steeliness is very high.