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Let " 3 useless " resource is changed
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Limited company of heart dragon iron and steel in order to found " green factory " for the target, carry out cleanness to turn production energetically, environmental protection concept perforative arrive from raw material steel rolling is whole in pull current Cheng. In March the middle ten days of a month, the reporter understands when De Long is interviewed, this company " 3 useless " reclaim use had come true " assorted fist " effect: Waste gas reclaims, liquid waste is answered with, waste residue " eat dry extract clean " .
How is De Long to realize resource to be used circularly " combine a fist " of effect?
Take new-style industrialized way adamantinely, what realize business development and environmental protection hard is double win. Up to 2007 the end of the year, this company is close to 300 million yuan in investment of accumulative total of environmental protection respect, use home's newest environmental protection technology, undertake build and be transforminged to environmental protection establishment, increased an environment to be administered integratedly, the resource that realized litter basically changes processing and loop to use.
To protect water natural resources, de Long regards section water as the strategic job that the company can grow continuously, its invest system of water treatment of 8 million yuan of construction, reclaim the agglomeration, puddling, steel-making, steel rolling, industrial waste water that makes the working procedure generation such as oxygen entirely, industrial repeated usage rate amounts to water 97.5% . On the foundation that continues to strengthen implementation stair to use, invested 16 million yuan again 2007, undertake to water treatment factory enlarge look is transformed, the sewage of entire plant and manufacturing liquid waste all are handled, water comes true in 100% reclaim use, realized sewage 0 discharge, ton new water of steel bad news 2.84 stere, reach domestic advanced level.
For utmost ground managing with report, heart dragon investment installed 305 tall, low-pressure transducer more than yuan 6000, undertake report of frequency conversion section is transformed stage by stage, section report rate is amounted to 40% , year but section report twenty-seven million eight hundred and ninety-seven thousand KWh. In the meantime, de Long still takes the lead in installing in home used BPRT fan, section report rate achieves 41.7% above.
Undertake through be opposite gas reclaim to be used circularly, de Longnian can reclaim gas 2.955 billion stere, managing capital 157 million yuan. What its will reclaim is gas and all use at group of machine of limekiln, agglomeration, ball the manufacturing process such as heating furnace of type of accumulation of heat of shaft furnace, steel rolling, with Yu Lian steel mixes iron furnace, carbonado steel is wrapped wait with the bag intermediate, gas utilization rate amounts to 97.5% above.
Investment builds solid to abandon integrated interest expenditures to look, implementation solid trash is used integratedly circularly. To protect an environment effectively, de Long already built two to avoid bake bricks product line, raw material originates entirely broken bits of the slag that the company produces oneself, water, make broken bits of smelt of blast furnace, converter gets be usinged adequately, created economic benefits not only, still realized solid to abandon " 0 discharge " target, created favorable social beneficial result.
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