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The surface quenchs the distinction with thermo-chemical treatment
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The surface quenchs the concept with thermo-chemical treatment reachs distinction
The surface quenchs a surface to workpiece or partial surface have heat treatment, change the organization of surface layer only so. And the property that the organization of core or other part still retains original low hardness, tall plasticity and tall tenacity, such workpiece are sectional because organize different function to also differ,go up. The surface quenchs facilitating implementation mechanization, automation, quality is stable, be out of shape small, heat treatment cycle is short, expense is little, cost is low, steel of usable still carbon replaces a few Jin Gang.
Thermo-chemical treatment is the atom that took workpiece surface ooze certain and chemical element, changed the chemical component of surface layer, make the surface can obtain tall hardness or certain and special physics, chemical property. And core organization component is changeless, still withhold original tall plasticity. The function of tall tenacity, such is in workpiece is sectional go up to have disparate chemical component and constituent property. Thermo-chemical treatment produces cycle to grow, inconvenience is produced at implementation mechanization, automation, technology is sophisticated, quality is not quite stable, auxiliary material spends much, charge big, cost is high, a lot of circumstances fall to still need precious alloy steel. Thermo-chemical treatment is in those who obtain exterior layer only the respect excel surface such as the tall tenacity of taller hardness and certain and special function and core quenchs.