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Value of market of Shanxi cast iron continues bottom
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Market of the cast iron after expecting long already Olympic Games can appear if what everybody wishs,the hope of a favourable turn fails, small the rolled steel market that went up a few days begins to appear again become loose. Shanxi area is most recently manufacturer again supportless motivation and actual strength, new round stop production pulled open heavy curtain, area of Fen of alar city, assist is most serious.

At present each manufacturer quotes and did not appear to glide considerably apparently, main reason or mix by force of the production of early days high cost on one hand pressure of huge reserve, capital; The demand on the market is too finite on the other hand, although depreciate to spur demand hard euqally, and if somebody purchases the value,each manufacturer represents clearly not be a problem. At present city of steel-making iron ala quotes 4200 yuan / or so tons, assist Fen 4050 yuan / or so tons. Cast quoted price of district of iron ala city to be in 4750 yuan / or so tons.

Ironworks already heart grey meaning is cold short-term inside the city after be opposite dare not hold too big extravagant hopes in the arms.