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Fresh water river valley carries valence to air Japan border is cast call value
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After steely to partial China enterprise has conveyed the requirement that rise in price, company of river valley of Brazilian fresh water also informs steely company of Japan, put forward to be opposite price of iron ore agreement raised the requirement of 20% 2008. Both sides of supply and demand is done not have to this message at present make known his position publicly, and analytic orgnaization is right of price of prospective iron ore go situation forecast two kinds when had polarity.

Japanese steelworks rejects to rise in price requirement

This year Feburary, company of fresh water river valley takes the lead in coming to an agreement with Japanese steely tycoon, subsequently, the Asia that includes China inside each are big steelworks also accepted this one agreement. Reported yesterday according to Japanese media, considering global demand, fresh water river valley puts forward to be increased in Japan rise in price the requirement of 12% , new price will begin the earliest to execute in October.

The business of Japanese steel ironworks such as new day iron although to rising in price behavior put forward to protest, but if be not amounted to,fresh water river valley expresses to rise in price the agreement will break off iron ore supply, because this rises in price,already basically became finality. Increase rise in price the cost burden that will increase about 25 billion yen to Japanese steely industry.

Current, new Japan makes iron etc 4 Japan large steelworks rejects a comment to whether already carried valence to undertake osculatory with fresh water river valley, and domestic steelworks and association of Chinese iron and steel industry also keep silence to this. As we have learned, the iron ore of Japanese steelworks relies on an entrance for the most part, major nevertheless entrance from Australia, occupy about 60% , additionally more than 20% is import from Brazil, and the iron ore that China imports from Brazil is in grow in quantity of year after year.

In the iron ore of 2009 year long-term contract negotiation still has when two many months are about to start, the action raising price of fresh water river valley was negotiation of iron ore of below one year to undertake warm up not only, it is to achieve the precedent that in giving infrequent year, rises in price more. And negotiate to the iron ore of next year, industry also had forecast disparately.

Demand difference

The newest report of beautiful banner bank predicts, next year iron ore is long-term contract price still will rise 30% , because be mixed surely,need the iron ore C.I.F of develop, force develop still is mixed under mine of Chinese homebred mine, Indian merchandise on hand the price of Brazilian mine.

The viewpoint of beautiful banner bank and iron ore are supplied just agree. Zhu Kai of president of division of China of river valley of Brazilian fresh water pointed out a few days ago, chinese economy suffers effect that borrows the crisis less, rolled steel consumption also is red-blooded, capital construction, industrialization and city change a process to will expand continuously the consumption that will drive rolled steel, raw material. Because this China imports demand of iron ore market still driving, iron and steel and iron ore market are long-term and primary face as before solid.
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