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China in area coke market is small fan wait-and-see move
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Recently China in wait-and-see situation gives priority to area coke market, the market clinchs a deal the quantity is very few, the price was not reduced considerably.

Now China in coke of company of major area cooking leaves factory hang list price to be in 2800 yuan / or so tons, individual business differs somewhat, as a result of demand not flourishing, manufacturer is sold not free, clinch a deal the amount is small, clinch a deal actually price is a few lower. At present the price is in enterprise of cooking of dominant of Henan mesa area 2550-2600 yuan / ton, manufacturer shipment not free, inventory increases apparent. As we have learned, at present the steely enterprise of and other places of Hunan, Jiangxi still considerably reduction of output, use up to coke less, the stocks of coke is higher, the near future purchases an amount very few, each are at present steely of the enterprise purchase valence to be in 2600-2800 yuan / ton differ. Steely enterprise drops in the round in coke market below the situation that reachs resources capacity to increase apparently, consider oneself production is short-term inside improve very hard also considerably, because of this pair of coke purchase relatively careful, partial enterprise purchases value appetent continue to reduce.

From the market is at present right in light of the situation inside the demand short time of coke have very hard improve greatly, and press yield situation to fall in great quantities in cooking enterprise, value of coking coal market also appears become loose, accordingly China in the coke market of the area is small fan lowliness phase is short-term inside also improve hard, the possibility that market of later period coke cheapens is larger still.