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Approach steel share appears on the market 8 years forehead of financing of Yuan
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Statistical number makes clear, approach steel share appears on the market 8 years, calculate on share out bonus and stock extra dividend, investment redound already was achieved 8 times the left and right sides.

Approach steel share appears on the market 8 years to come from May 2000, financing when having IPO only 558 million yuan, later not the in any way has been carried out again financing, and company accumulative total shares out bonus 810 million yuan (contain large stockholder) , 37.15% what occupy accumulative total to realize assignable gain. Among them cash allocates six hundred and fifty-seven million nine hundred and sixty-five thousand seven hundred yuan, carry out every 10 twice to turn add 3, every 10 send 2.9, when changing every 10 send 3.2, this makes it is 2.18 1 when appearing on the market now.

Approach steel share is in steely kind appear on the market belong to in the company " small and essence of life " enterprise, although the company produces steel dimensions,not be very big, but the management of the company is excelsior however. The company built those who perfect since 1996 " imitate market business accounting, execute cost to overrule " administrative mechanism, company " by talk the valence, whole that presses benefit plan award to be core to optimize business accounting method character " ever was judged to be modernization of national level business to manage innovation gain second-class award; In 90 time, business of industry of call together of Liaoning Ceng Hao " Yuan Xuehan steel, close steel learning approach " . Approach steel share has 4 blast furnace and 3 converter, in having wide tropics, medium product line of round steel of steel of canal of wide cold area, solder, whorl, but the company is done not have iron ore, round without agglomeration and ball, without colliery and Jiao Lu. Supply bottleneck to solve the iron ore of the company, stimulative company grows quickly continuously, after the company appears on the market first again financing general target is directional mine, devote oneself to to make " mine steel unifinication " enterprise.

At present the iron ore origin of approach steel share has iron essence pink is bought outside the iron ore that defend a country, Australia and place, iron ore takes country of its middleman and guarantor 30% to 40% . This company plan is added twice send the 100% iron mine defending a country that buy group subordinate. Go according to introducing a company to buy mine to divide a pace, issue to approach steel group for the first time not under 115 million, not 150 million share buys prep above its hold some boreal tickets to defend a country iron ore is finite liability company the equity of 60% ; Issue the 2nd times to do not exceed 10 specific targets to issue an amount not to exceed 193.9 million, not the stock under 64.63 million, collect capital pays approach steel group to be used at buying to defend a country iron ore the others the equity of 40% . It is reported, the iron ore that defend a country was established 1967, the exploration that has 6.34 square kilometer at present counterpoises, among them channel of home of iron egg hill, black hill, edge 3 mining area add up to 1.51 square kilometer has had mining right, at present total reserve of ascertain of the rest of these 3 mining area is 84 million tons, retain reserve is 66.78 million tons, recoverable reserves 43.49 million tons, average grade is 30.78% , rich ore is belonged to in home. The scheme that approach steel group transfers equity of the iron ore that defend a country to the company and equity of the iron ore that defend a country make over project asset to evaluate a result to had obtained Liaoning to omit sanction of national endowment branch, the company is advancing the first pace actively to increase hair plan.
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