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Domestic steel price falls repeatedly reduction of output of passivity of 7 week
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In the discovery when market research of a few rolled steel, show as a result of market demand low fan, price of domestic steel products drops 7 weeks continuously, among them, the building drops with rolled steel the biggest, the biggest drop be close to 1000 yuan.

Enter August, area of and other places of Shenyang, Nanchang, Urumqi, Lanzhou ton the amplitude modulation below valence exceeds 200 yuan. Drop in what build the wire in using rolled steel range is the biggest, ton price falls 5997 yuan of the middle ten days of a month from June 5014 yuan to the end of August, drop be close to 1000 yuan. Additional, in thick board the price also is reduced considerably, in the city such as Beijing, Nanjing, Chengdu, Jinan, Urumqi thick board ton the amplitude modulation below valence is in 300 yuan of above. Market personage is analysed, steel price appears to exceed so anticipate drop substantially, advocate if rolled steel demand is in,drop considerably.

Li Xiaogong of manager of department of market of Beijing some rolled steel says: "Because a lot of medium and small businesses are exported order reductive influence, it decreases particularly more to the demand of strip steel, so, steely enterprise is faced with stock keep long in stock, product value falls the issue that register, steelworks drops further to control the price, reduce inventory pressure, they also were adopted resemble be restricted to produce, these measure such as reduction of output. These measure such as reduction of output..

Besides, the country reduces the exit of rolled steel product to withdraw tax rate, and go up key is low the cumulative effect that the export custom duty that carries a product waits these adjusting control policy a moment to affect is right also the pressure that generation of price of domestic steel products drops. The personage inside course of study thinks, mixed 2008 growth of output of Chinese crude steel will put delay to respectively 2009 10% with 8% , but below the influence that puts delay considerably in the industry such as estate, car and home appliance, steely 2009 demand is added fast will drop to 8% the following. Predict 2009 rolled steel all valence and kept balance 2008 or drop small, one year price of Chinese rolled steel will return tomorrow hard this year the high point of 2 quarters.