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Be restricted to produce bad check to drop price of situation north coke falls 4
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Although enterprise of cooking of appeal of Shanxi coke association is restricted,produce 50% , reduce coke price 100-150 yuan / ton, from carry out a circumstance actually to look, be restricted to produce had begun really, the extent that move price was not in however 150 yuan of go no further. The reporter learns yesterday, at present northward coke market falls increase, the price drops achieve 200-400 yuan / ton.

Get downstream and steely job influence of slow down in demand, coke price is shown continue posture of fall after a rise. As we have learned, price of coke of China north area appears considerably posture of fall after a rise, although the enterprise quotes still taller, but as we have learned, coke clinchs a deal actually the price had dropped considerably close 400-500 yuan / ton.

Shanxi area metallurgy of 9 days of 2 class is anxious car board contains duty to sign up for 2500-2700 yuan / ton, price of anxious mainstream of one class metallurgy wraps 3000-3100 yuan / ton; Heibei area 2600-2700 of quote of anxious mainstream of 2 class metallurgy yuan / ton. Hua Dong, medium south circumstance of shipment of area coke market still poorer, coal reserve begins to pick up, steelworks purchases the value already general falls to 2600-2800 yuan / ton. Price of coke of the last ten-day of a month in September has continue trend of fall after a rise.