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Steel price is deep adjust steel mill in succession reduction of output
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As a result of coast of economy of Europe, United States, and suffer seasonal influence, demand of global terminal steel glides quickly. From this year the bottom began in June, all along the building steel products with good demand and compressed capable person are same, experienced the price to be in every week dropping situation, middle east, Africa and Turkey buyer leave the market in succession. At present steelworks is in the period with exceeding and difficult reductive of cost tall look forward to, sales volume, attract customer through depreciating in succession, but no matter how be stimulated of no help. But steelworks is forced only reduction of output, believe before long global steelworks will begin to implement plan of reduction of output in succession. Proper reduction of output is helpful for making the price, demand is mixed supply achieve a new balance.

Can say, those who lead first signs to call plank reduction of output is American steelworks. Recently, company of clever steel of benefit of American Xie Wei Er announces to will delay MingoJunction plant after 5 blast furnace are maintained restart, day of this blast furnace is produced can 5600 short ton, shut maintenance August. This company will according to market situation this blast furnace restarts push to the end of the year later. Additional, the D blast furnace that how surpasses factory of harbor of Bern of company of United States of Er of happy rice tower will begin to shut 75 days from September 25, day of this blast furnace is produced can be 7500 short ton, before this is compared, report shut on October 1 shift to an earlier date somewhat. American steel company (USS) the plan was mixed in October to Mengwali factory, case pulled nit city plant and Gary in November the factory undertakes equipment is overhauled, add up to affects crop to make an appointment with 250 thousand short ton. Plan of button company stalking or branch is in respectively 9, 10, was opposite November factory and Berkeley factory undertake Decatur factory, Kelaofuciweier, influence crop 145 thousand short ton. Predicting reduction of output will affect compressed material crop to estimate 1.3 million short ton. American service center also expects a few old compressed capable person produce manufacturer to will cut output before long, say this will be the attitude that steelworks adjusts a of the market in pressure to bear the blame, it is very beneficial to stabilizing 4 quarters value.

Manufacturer of a few compressed material of boreal Europe begins to arrange overhaul plan now, these steelworks are assure 2, the order of 3 quarters, all the time on the shelf overhauls a plan. According to saying, a few steelworks still will be adopted decrease everyday exercise of team and group realizes reduction of output, from demand height moment everyday 5-6 the class is decreased come to make an appointment with 4 classes, the likelihood that is affected is hot-rolling and galvanizing board roll, because of more cold rolling board coiling is to press year to offer money. Duferco is located in factory of Belgian La Louviere hot-rolling to will close 10-12 day October, and original plan stop production was overhauled August. Nevertheless Corus company arranges the overhaul to plan no longer before the end of the year it seems that, its already had stop production overhaul in the summer. Ansailemidaer did not divulge the maintenance of European compressed material plans, and early before say, if global steel demand puts delay, the company can maintain price stability through adjusting output.
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