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Mine bully is held get the market, in steel look forward to how can ignore
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Recently, come from shipping of each mine of nearly 100 carry of old steel mill berth awaits anxiously in Brazilian haven. Company of river valley of Brazilian fresh water is carried suddenly go up requirement, let these boats cannot successful loading returns to base. Meanwhile, the announcement that ironworks of many 20 steel of domestic receives is, fresh water river valley asks an iron ore that has signed is long-term contract price rises 20 % , basically involve the powdery mine with domestic bigger demand. To this, in steel assist deputy secretary-general Zhang Jingang expresses, this action disobeys law of trade, because of the price already negotiate, fresh water river valley raises price suddenly however.

Fresh water river valley is aimed at this kind of act of Chinese steel look forward to, for take turns of tycoon of international mining industry rises in price this year occurrence confused situation adds variable again. Should say, appear this kind of confused situation only then from at force of mining industry tycoon develop and need and need develop company, because river valley of malcontent fresh water takes the lead in with in the price that just reachs, "Two develop " strong the negotiation rule that breaks follow a few years, the Bao Gang that the negotiation just participates in in making represent is forced to reached pink with fresh water river valley March mine and piece mine rises respectively 65 % and the agreement of 71 % . Subsequently, "Two develop " with in just reach pink mine and piece mine rises respectively 79. 88 % and 96. The agreement of 5 % , as a result of in square with " two develop " iron ore price rises of a river valley of fresh water of apparent prep above go up, fresh water river valley is right this all the time be troubled Yu Huai, it is it sells the iron ore price of European enterprise wants company of prep above China on one hand; It is medium on the other hand square with " two develop " reached iron ore price and fresh water river valley differ 30 % left and right sides. Accordingly, from " two develop " with in just come to an agreement one day that to rise, fresh water river valley is sought with respect to wait for one's chance iron ore the price and " two develop " the opportunity that dress.

Market analyst thinks, perhaps fresh water river valley increases price this, it is them on one hand the price of intentional general oneself and " two develop " symmetrical, it is them on the other hand to bottom line of psychology of price of iron ore of Chinese steel look forward to explore, also be to be based on pair 2009 of iron ore price not hopeful. However, fresh water river valley such behavior that increase price, apparent lack has an accurate knowledge to Chinese market. Current, c.I.F of iron ore of fresh water river valley already price of mine of merchandise on hand of prep above China, and market of domestic iron ore begins from April all the time very low fan, the price goes low continuously.
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