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Market of Hainan rolled steel reachs change always laurel developing zone
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On September 12 morning, xu Tang of vice secretary of municipal Party committee, mayor trades to Hainan rolled steel first market survey removes problem, remove the difficulty that encounters in the process gives harmonious solution definitely.

Those who be located in sea of show flower area to contain a means is former " Hainan rolled steel trades the market " 2003 build, because build always 10 thousand east the road needs to pass through this market, municipal government removes at deciding to be carried out to its last year. Last year the end of the year, mix in municipal government of government of show flower district harmonious below, this market raises fund more than yuan 7000 bought Hainan saddle of great capacity of under one's name of industrial limited company always area of factory of laurel industrial district plans to trade for new steel products the market.

In the morning, city leadership comes to Hai Yu above all all right line Yong Guikai sends an area on the west " Hainan rolled steel trades the market " site of construction of building site of new site construction, understand new market to build a case. Introduce according to company controller, project of new friend easy market will be divided period development construction, first phase construction invests 80 million yuan, at present each newspaper is built undertaking in order, tubal material (profile) trade project of market main body already was finished 70% , building steel products trades project of market main body already was finished 60% ; 2 period project investment makes an appointment with 100 million yuan, the business shop of road of the program that build a follow and facilities of living of form a complete set. After new market builds, predict year trade the quantity exceeds 2 million tons, trade the forehead exceeds 100 million yuan, can provide duty source 4 reach 500 million yuan, offer post of labor obtain employment 5000 many.

Subsequently, going up on behalf of held informal discussion with the enterprise, after Xu Tang listens to the circumstance of company controller to report first, trade to rolled steel market resettlement offers directive opinion. Xu Tang points out first, new steel products trades market construction has multiple sense, expand a service for industry of building materials of big talk city not only, also save development of building materials estate to rise to promote action actively for Hainan, municipal government of municipal Party committee takes seriously highly all the time and support enterprise resettlement, to company foundation urban construction needs change site, the government will give give aid to certainly policy, in order to reduce industry burden, help business removes smoothly, make road is built as soon as possible finishing. Xu Tang also asks first, municipal government should assist an enterprise to clutch energetically with government of show flower district construction, as soon as possible finishing, in the meantime, need to set out from long-term management in building a course, build corresponding act to run creation condition for prospective standardization.
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