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In steel group is finished formally buy 98.52% equity items of MIDWEST company
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On September 15, in steel group is finished formally buy item of MIDWEST company equity, obtain in all 98. The equity of 52 % , control this company successfully.

Relevant controller represents steel group in, should make an appointment with what this indicates group of the steel in the move is initiated to MIDWEST company from March 14, 2008 in the round buy declare end.

MIDWEST company is a company that pursues development of iron ore resource technically in what Australian stock exchange appears on the market, in on the west bay center-west region has rich iron ore resource, development prospect is good.

This controller introduces, the group signed joint-stock agreement with MIDWEST company on October 18, 2005, undertake exploration can grind jointly the cooperative project of development. On October 10, 2007, australia Mojisen the company gives out animosity to buy to MIDWEST company after wanting to make an appointment with, steel group begins to consider to answer this animosity to buy incident in.

On March 14, 2008, steel group is released in Australian security market in " should buy announcement about " , announce to undertake wanting to make an appointment with in the round buying to MIDWEST company. To on July 10, 2008, steel group acquires MIDWEST company in 50. The share of 97 % , obtain accuse equity. Up to on September 15, steel group is obtained in all in 98. The equity of 52 % .

Chief expresses, steel group initiates the approval that before wanting to be bought about, got Australian government and Chinese government concern a section in, in be bought this, abide by Australian place strictly and buy legal laws and regulations, follow international convention and market regulation.