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Ability of abundant of Tang Shan country revises a project 3 hot-blast stove sea
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Country blast furnace of abundant steelworks 1780m³ 2 blast furnace 3 seal a top smoothly. 1114t of gross weight of skin of 3 hot-blast stove furnace, every hot-blast stove cent is 21 belts. Of 3 hot-blast stove sealing a top smoothly is to assure on October 25 the precondition of hot-blast stove drying-out, grab to follow-up working procedure at the same time gave time, it is 2 blast furnace on December 16 on time put into production laid solid foundation. In succeeding activity, project ministry collectivity attends a war the worker will continue to develop the drive that struggles difficultly, overcome all difficulty, ensure project on schedule complete.