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Blast furnace of two 450 stere already demolished Tang Gang
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Tang Gang demolished blast furnace of two 450 stere to reach its recently accessary establishment, this is afterwards demolished steel of the Later Tang Dynasty of blast furnace of a 400 stere to eliminate backward equipment again June this year. So far, 400 stere class blast furnace wash out Tang Gang entirely end.

Tang Gang is in " 15 " during on the base that investment has 2 billion yuan the energy-saving project that decrease a platoon is built, "915 " since accumulative total throws 1.75 billion yuan, built coking plant in succession 1 do extinguish anxious project to 4 Jiao Lu, transformed useless slag to handle product line, built couplet of pyroelectricity of Yu Yahe of 9 blast furnace to produce a batch of ability such as generation set to revise a project, make soot and harmful emission get be controllinged effectively, solid litter, liquid waste, gas get reclaiming using, effectively elevated an enterprise level of the energy-saving index that decrease a platoon. Last year in June, the Maierci that invests 87 million yuan of construction is active after put into production of lime product line, tang Gang washed out 4 specific power consumption the 250 stere lime with tall, serious pollution sets upright kiln. Two blast furnace that demolish this were mixed on June 27, 2003 respectively drove furnace production on May 27, 2004, add up to manufacturing molten iron 5.74 million tons. Average utilization factor achieves blast furnace 3.7, rise than designing ability 0.2, be worth gold campaign. Press policy of industry of national iron and steel, answer to fall into disuse to the end of 2010. Tang Gang is painful this year be determined, wash out 400 stere class blast furnace to reach its entirely accessary establishment, increase the energy-saving strength that decrease a platoon, lag behind in order to fall into disuse produce can be chance, make steel of green the Tang Dynasty. After two furnace are demolished, will vacate land 400 mus, build project of garden of water system zoology.

Tang Gang studies seriously formulate plan, increase capital investment, undertake centralized administering to key area. After 400 stere class blast furnace fall into disuse, tang Gang will demolish workshop of line of general of factory of make friends of electric stove steelworks, 2 steel, undertake removing demolishing to abandoning steel field formerly. After these establishment are demolished, as Yuan Tanggang job of displacement of 400 mus of land finishs region of bicycle plant area and region of Yuan Jiantao plant area, will be in area of puddling of plant area north, area of steel rolling of the eastpart part, region of plant area of southern electric stove, region of the primary plant area that build contented forms link western Tang Gang, border the bedding face of highway and circumjacent dweller village accumulates clearing. Tang Gang decides to be produced to lagging behind can, wash out to demolish, plan to build a project no longer inside the area after demolishing, use at forest afforest entirely, implementation " the factory is in Lin Zhong, forest in the factory " green Tang Gang. Since this year, in plant area environment processing respect already threw many yuan 2000, accumulative total is cultivated and arboreous thirty-two thousand five hundred individual plant, increase afforest to cover an area thirty-six thousand five hundred square metre. Plant area appearance had change apparently. After the program is carried out entirely, tang Gang general year reduce soot discharge capacity 1600 tons, discharge capacity of 2 oxidation sulfur 3000 tons. Demolish gross area 330 thousand square metre, add greenbelt newly 540 thousand square metre, afforest rate achieves 42 % .
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