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Look forward to of steel of China of two ore tycoon forcing the king or emperor
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After long-term contract price rises the iron ore that puts forward to want to will been signed this year in company of river valley of fresh water of Brazil of tycoon of international mining industry once more, develop of force of tycoon of mining industry of another big Australia also " unwilling give the impression of weakness " , put forward what will not increase amount of the iron ore in long-term contract next year to supply, and can throw more iron ore spot market.

Branch of iron ore of develop of force of mining industry company is presiding assorted of apparitor Wo Er (Sam Walsh) express last weekend, force develop won't sign any iron ore that are a foundation with traditional and fiducial price to trade again contract, seek the contract that use Composite contract or is a foundation with spot price however.

This also is meant, still be in at present desperately the force develop that enlarge produces, had not planned to increase a sale on traditional long-term contract foundation, "Apparent, the spot sale quantity of develop of force of my predicting next year can increase. " Walsh says. But he rejects to provide exact amount. Just point out sale amplitude is met " very big " .

Walsh says, raising spot sale and the move that take Composite contract will be successive, because the company still has a large number of long-term and traditional contracts that did not expire. He expresses, although bldg. activity rein in of China, a few steelworks also are during the Olympic Games stop production, but the city is changed etc main area element still is driving steely production, china is exuberant still to the demand of iron ore.

Last year, force develop sold 5 million tons of iron ore in spot market, express to plan to will be sold in spot market this year not less than 15 million tons. And going up the month holds on money year during outstanding achievement news briefing, need and need Alex Vanselow of presiding and financial officer also discloses develop firm, the iron ore sale that the plan puts spot market on this year amounts to 19 million tons, the company hopes sales volume of mine of merchandise on hand occupies the 15 % of total output, and was not worth 10 % last year (11 million tons) .

This is Australia supplier of two big iron ore should break rule of commerce of traditional and long-term contract, seek way of more iron ore commerce " paradigmatic " .

In need and need develop and price of iron ore of year of force develop company rise a river valley of fresh water of prep above Brazil hind, long-term contract C.I.F still compares its ore the long-term contract C.I.F of river valley of Brazilian fresh water and privilege of C.I.F of mine of Indian merchandise on hand, although at present price of iron ore of merchandise on hand already dropped, but still prep above is long-term contract base price.

Before this, need and need develop puts forward to build the iron ore index like waiting with coal according to spot market, negotiate in order to replace annual long-term contract price, on the base that supplies iron ore amount in stability, value basis offers money the index at that time will decide. Need and need presiding apparitor Gao Ruisai also emphasized develop again a few days ago, price of iron ore year is fiducial systematic general disintegrate. "We won't sign agreement of more iron ore with traditional and standard system, contrary will with the price higher burgeoning index spot market is replaced. Contrary will with the price higher burgeoning index spot market is replaced..
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