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Chinas largest nickel iron ENFI design complete production line of electric igni
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ENFI Engineering Co., Ltd. from China Fuan nickel-iron design projects outside the No. 1 furnace equipment installation work has been completed recently, the whole process work space near the end of the load test, dry kiln and kiln drying kiln is heating up. The project is invested by the Castle Peak Holdings, a large nickel-iron - stainless steel joint projects. Project a scale of 10,000 tons of nickel, designed by the Enfield and provides the main electric equipment, the system is by far the largest nickel-iron set of production lines. Currently the project has entered the production stage of preparation. Electric furnace supplied by the Enfield hand part of the commissioning, control system, hydraulic station has been achieved, transformers, furnace temperature, the comprehensive monitoring, to meet the furnace and power transmission needs. Designed by the Enfield whole plant DCS control system, configuration and programming completed. Commissioning DCS system is strained, the current coal preparation, drying kiln, rotary kiln has achieved some of the key points of basic monitoring.