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Electric "heater" may not use do not take the "three noes" of vehicles and ove
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Yesterday, the County Department of Education published the work of the winter school safety warning notice to freeze for the winter, slippery, changeable weather, and other characteristics and requirements of the county schools to strengthen safety education, attaches great importance to the winter fire safety, to ensure the safety of students and campus safety. Fires and other accidents in winter is the peak period, period-prone infectious diseases, influenza, multiple phase, notification for this request, student hostels, staff quarters and office, and school teachers, public gathering places, non-private Luanla pull wire, is strictly prohibited using the furnace, "heater" and other appliances, is strictly prohibited the use of open flame heating quarters, candles phenomenon, the school should seriously investigating fire exits, staircases, security, export and other parts, those that were blocked, locked or occupied in a timely manner clear, fire facilities, the need to promptly improve defect. To continue to strengthen the students (teachers) dormitory, kitchen, boiler room, computer room, aging electrical wiring and facilities for fire-prone site inspection of the equipment. At the same time, schools should teach students field use is strictly prohibited, playing with fire. The circular also urges schools to strengthen the students to obey traffic rules, avoid dangerous vehicles, safety education, teaching students not to take the "three no" school vehicles and overloading of vehicles, such as inclement weather, try not to educate students riding bicycles to school, teach students to master shelter from the wind, rain, to avoid snow, fog, frost, anti-skid and other self-help knowledge.