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Electric small ticket business in supermarket can be full deduction checked fa
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To spend 450 yuan to buy a furnace, with shopping credentials to the agreement can be offset by an equal amount of supermarket shopping costs, Xu did not state so big old a few times in this big event of the "happy event", so he bought a prompt decision salesman selling this furnace, but unwittingly got into a good long set of "Office." November 29, several claiming to be an electrical technology company in Maoming City, salesman, Cili County, Hunan Longtan town to sell a product. And of Cili County say they have signed an agreement of large supermarkets, specialized appliances to the countryside to carry out further activities in the townships, as long as consumers spend 450 yuan to buy their furnace, to be issued by sales to the supermarket shopping bill when you buy goods arrived Button 450 in cash. In front of a huge discount, less than half an hour to sell out of the 8 electric furnace, and Xu is the purchase of one of New Jersey. When Xu NSW will be happy to get the clerk designated shopping supermarket receipts for deductible cash when shopping, "came to a halt," This know have taken the bait. November 30, 8 to purchase the electric consumers complained to the Longtan River business. After receiving the complaint, the rapid industrial and commercial Longtan River investigation. The survey found that sales of products to sell part of the formal product, but did not reach supermarkets, discount shopping and related agreements, sales of products are acts of false propaganda. After mediation, the direction of selling products, the return of 8 320 yuan per person per consumer loans, and provide compensation for 80 yuan fare, this, this farce before it was the end. Business sector to remind consumers: there are special offers to buy the goods, must be carefully screened, the best business and other relevant departments prior to the authenticity of consultation activities, to avoid being taken. Strayed into the consumer trap event, shall promptly call the business sector, "12315" consumer rights hotline, and timely remedy.