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Expert of special steel fusion is commented on
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Regnal your, was born in Sichuan to save the Chengdu City on March 20, 1916 handicraft industry of a brocade person family. Because suffer the effect of dumping of foreign man-made silk, the silk that your father manages kingdom is slow-moving with each passing day. Domestic be on the wane, aroused kingdom the determination that your work energetically reads. He is graduated from Sichuan to visit stone room middle school with outstanding achievement, make the same score to north when him enter oneself for an examination when the university, meeting " 7 · 7 " emergency happening, ethical crisis arouses him " industry saves the nation " strong desire. 1938 his pass an entrance examination smelt metal of mine of institute of Tang Shan project is traffic university. After the university graduated 1942, what he belongs to in resource committee early or late power far ironworks and Sichuan machinery company work. Pass an entrance examination left beautiful exercitation qualification 1944, went to United States choosing to learn skill of alloy steel smelt in May 1945, he cherishs the ambition that develops special steel, regard the key that oneself jackaroo as technology of steel of study smelt stainless steel, armor, mould steel and steel of high speed tool, accumulate and collect the data that plants about steel.
1946 winter, he abandoned abundant life of the United States returning the motherland. Of the same age, to saddle hill iron and steel company technology room works. Got Factory manager Qiu Yuchi in April 1947 invite, he makes steelworks hold the position of assistant engineer of factory director room to n. At that time continue to employ personnel of technology of a few Japan, to replace them as soon as possible, regnal your wait for a person to divide outside be familiar with this factory to manufacture a technology as soon as possible, still fostered backbone of a few technologies. Via everybody a do all one can works, n makes steelworks be produced eventually give a batch of special rolled steel, coronal with " China " brand of model of written characters, carry is sold to Shanghai field. Followed 1949 Qiu Yuchi prepares to construct Guangzhou makes steelworks, regnal your act under orders to be in charge of dividing a factory to tear open change from 6 brook Hong Kong a 1 . 5 tons of electric stove make steelworks to Guangzhou, when installation ends, be in Guangzhou to liberate eve, this factory is shut, regnal your return Sichuan from Hong Kong bypass.
He accepted heavy industry ministry 1950 of Liu Da of deputy director general of bureau of iron and steel industry invite, went to Beijing, in room of technology of bureau of iron and steel industry technique of steel-making of responsible electric stove works, assist Russia expert to reach each plant perambulatory directive job. Ever compiled the book of the latter-day steel-making technology that published concerned electric stove, open-hearth furnace during this; Try hard because of the job, the working result that achieves bureau of iron and steel industry is admirable second grade award. Taiyuan is steely at that time factory (changed 1956 call Taiyuan steely company, the following all abbreviation too steel) build factory building of a cast steel, regnal your after course waiting for a person is investigated, put forward to use this workshop to develop the proposal of special steel to the leader. Accordingly, regnal your was gone to by the clique in January 1951 too steel, prepare to construct workshop of electric stove steel-making, established department of electric stove steel-making, regnal your hold the post of a director. From now on regnal your go all out in work in special steel forefront, retire till 1988.
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