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Achieved requirement answers after spare parts cementite
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Achieved requirement answers after spare parts cementite
To make aggrandizement of surface of cementite spare parts, cementite operation is crucial. It but
In order to change the chemical class status of spare parts surface, but the final aggrandizement of spare parts surface criterion be decided by
At subsequently heat treatment. To passing the cementite part of heat treatment the following wants
(1) surface hardness do not answer under HRC60; Below certain circumstance,
Low hardness end can fall to HRC56, 58.
(2) expresses facing and the fracture surface that the center is in, all should show fine grain
(3) cementite layer microstructure should by fine acicular or concealed is acicular martensite group
Into. Carbide is shown bulbiform, the leftover austenite in cementite layer is measured should few, not allow
Make bound of carbide edge grain show meshy distributing.
(4) is out of shape twist asks the smallest, avoid oxidation, decarbonization.
(5) makes the center of the important part that make be in with alloy steel, microstructure not
Body piece keeps the not deliquescent iron chain when be patient of quenchs in.