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Situation of stainless steel market analysed a report 2007
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From at present market condition looks, the time that price of predicting stainless steel can keep in perch is a few longer, main reason was October the price of nickel has a vast range rise. This rises will affect 6 years to was mixed December at the beginning of 2007 trade the price. Look from the graph of CRU price index, to December the middle ten days of a month when the peak that can reach nearly two years to come. But from long-term in light of, the stainless steel price after predicting to climb peak can fall somewhat, but the conference is far small this year the speed of price fall. 6 years whole the price of nickel resided the perch in every tons of 30000 dollars high November, and the price of the nickel 2007 may be " soft landing " . Predict to came in August 2007 in September of nickel merchandise on hand mean monthly the price still should be in left and right sides of every tons of 24000 dollars. Be in that is to say the possibility that nickel price falls quickly is very little before 3 quarters 2007. The stock that current market idea is nickel is very small still, and the inventory of any small sizes decreases can bring about trade of the price rise, cause the price to taller climb.

One, global consumption has presented the trend that gave to drop slowly. The christmas of Europe and South America is forthcoming, chinese Spring Festival also will come Feburary in next year, the demand during this will be fewer, the situation of tight spruce supply of before this will alleviate a few months, also can produce business to bring pressure to rolled steel at the same time, and the result is us the price level that each respect accepts easily will see after New Year. From price index walk along situation situation to look, this year with on year go situation it is apparently different, rise go sign is clearer, especially index of stainless steel price.

1, in side of smooth material product, compare to issueing 12 months to forecast all around before forecast have a few little change. November is smooth material product the 4th month that average price falls continuously. Predict 2007 metaphase, farther reduction of output will make rise in price. Maintain the time that still needs 6 months at least in exalted stocks to use up. Although of the client order goods the quantity decreases, but the manufacturer can make a plan to reserve ahead of schedule, with holding stock maintain and complement. Of the price raise predicting meeting to be in 2007 happening of second half of the year. Inferior value will make the entrance loses appeal. A few rolled steel of foreign produce business to still can object turning over a dumping. In addition, chinese rolled steel produces business to may reduce the amount that offer money, otherwise they will face those who come from Chinese government in order to import duty means or eliminate exit drawback means or both hold some concurrently to sanction policy. What the market of product of senior capable person of American construction industry shows is seasonal fatigued and weak. What the foundation builds is active make the market of 12 months holds this district future strong. Contrary, residential project development begins to show downtrend, and did not come the situation of a few months may be float adventitious, still be in wait-and-see in. The product of senior capable person of South-American area is average till the price can decrease further before December 2007. Atelier of blue whale steel still thinks the improving meeting of the market is in 2007 happening of second half of the year, as a result of the ameliorate and builds an industry refreshment of climate condition.
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