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2007 steely industries invest strategy to analyse a report
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Steely industry is the key industry of Chinese macroscopical adjusting control. Chinese demand is pulled move world steely trade to flourish continuously world steely industry is accompanying the whole world to make a center transfer and transfer greatly to Chinese happening, world iron and steel installs group of Er of tower of happy rice of a place of strategic importance to already entered line of business of Chinese iron and steel, the international competition of steely henceforth course of study will present Chinese home to change or mainland changes a characteristic.
According to Chinese government relevant section about steely course of study the plan of structural adjustment, "915 " (2006 - 2010) during should wash out productivity of about 100 million tons of backward puddling; Ability of 55 million tons of backward steel-making eliminates before 2007. Accelerate annex to recombine, raise an industry to be spent centrally, optimize industrial position, to 2010 the steel output of group of before home 10 steely industries should occupy countrywide steel to produce the 50 % above of gross.

Review 6 years: The industry enters prosperous period
China became the world's biggest production country, consumption country and exit state 2006. Up to by 2006, china already held output of iron and steel of house whole world 11 years continuously the first. China already managed a concept by what be a center formerly with crop, dimensions to transform for the center with benefit, innovation of product structural adjustment, technology, fall this synergism job effect is distinct, obtained historic breakthrough. The price that China is turning point to wait for a large amount of former fuel to world steely price, iron ore with this produces major effect is definitive impact even, will going up somehow have dominant right, chinese steely course of study will come true by arrive to transform by force greatly.

In produce can excess pressure to fall, 6 years the industry realizes equity basically to divided company of iron and steel of buy reform, bibcock to realize whole basically to appear on the market, in industrial catenary structure of progress of perfect, technology, product is optimized reach taste efficiency of development, organization newly to rise, fall originally the respect such as bad news produced profundity change, change achievement basically reflects in: In product sale price under circumstance of level of the corresponding period issued prep above of price of essential factor of the corresponding period, cost last year last year, outstanding achievement inflection point appeared September, the industry is basic face look forward to is firm, ability of profit of 1-10 month industry grows compared to the same period, exit amount innovates improvement of structure of tall, breed, the entrance drops significantly. Main show is:

1, predict steely industry finishs equity to separate buy reform in the round by 2006, completely current period is coming.
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