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Too aluminium refine system uses fireproof material technology and development
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Too steel is Chinese oversize integrated iron and steel works and company of the biggest stainless steel production, its dominant product has silicon steel of stainless steel, cold rolling, hot-rolling to coil board, mould steel, war industry steel, gas cylinder steel and axle steel. 2004, too steel steel output amounts to 4.6 million T(among them stainless steel crop amounts to seven hundred and twenty-one thousand six hundred T) , sales revenue amounts to 29 billion yuan, implementation profit tax 2.1 billion yuan. To adjust a product the structure is mixed enhance quality competition ability, too steel built establishment of the fine outside large quantities of furnace in succession in last few years, had batch to produce the productivity of pure steel. Main fine method has: Furnace of furnace of 3 45tAOD furnace, a 75t K-OBM-S, a 75t VOD, L 80t RH furnace, L a 60t LF furnace, 75t LF furnace and furnace of a 60tVD. Current, too steel is in mount a horse new project of stainless steel of 1.5 million T, include carbolic steel and stainless steel two production system. System of carbolic steel smelt includes: A molten iron pours coal tub station, device of to decoke of molten iron of a 180t, a 180t carries bottom answer on the head to blow converter, 2 furnace hind are online blow argon to feed a station, furnace of a 180t LF, furnace of a 180t RH; System of stainless steel smelt includes: A 180t carries bottom answer on the head to blow dephosphorization converter, 2 160tEAF furnace, 2 180tAOD furnace, a 180tLF furnace. After this project is finished, too steel produces body year after year 250 ~ the productivity of stainless steel of 3 million T. Developing steely engineering technology energetically while, too steel is developing fireproof material to use a technology, raised respect of fireproof material service life to also do a large number of works, among them AOD furnace and K-OBM-S converter furnace life tackle key problem taking result is most remarkable. The article basically introduced too aluminium refine system uses fireproof material technology and development. 1 AOD furnace uses fireproof data too steel has 3 AOD stove, 1983 put into production, they are the yield that raises stainless steel and quality, reduce smelt cost and establish too steel produced medium position to produce tremendous effect in domestic stainless steel. Original, as a result of the use of fireproof material, include select material, build by laying bricks or stones to build method, roast craft, fettling to protect furnace method to still be in fumble level, wait for the influence of a lot of element plus smelt slagging craft, although make through be being improved ceaselessly AOD furnace life rises somewhat, but with abroad 200 for many times furnace life photograph is compared, be in inferior level from beginning to end: It is the AOD furnace of 18t to cubage, what came to was used 1987 1984 is magnesian chromic qualitative Ji Baiyun stone lining, its are average furnace life is 26 times; What came to was used 1992 1987 is oily dip magnesium dolomite brick, average furnace life is the left and right sides 35 times; Came to used magnesian chromic brick and magnesian dolomite in August 1999 1996 integrated build by laying bricks or stones builds the brick, lining mean life achieves the left and right sides 45 times for a time, highest life achieves odd furnace 60 times. In August 1999, to improve stainless steel productivity, AOD furnace is 40t by 18t enlarge look, life of the lining after enlarge is allowed drops abruptly, have the left and right sides on average 27 times only. 2000, the company is determined to raise AOD furnace with all one's strength service life. Furnace life tackles key problem the job from optimize fine craft, transform structure of body of heater, improve lining material to pledge with the brick model, transform and add relevant form a complete set the many sided proceed with such as equipment spreads out in the round. 1) is in fine craft respect, change law of double broken bits to be law of odd broken bits, shorten time of high temperature smelt, raise slaggy alkalinity, make whole fine process medium slaggy medium MgO and CaO basically reach saturation, in order to reduce damage of the frit in the MgO in lining and broken bits of CaO Xiang Rong. 2) is in respect of structure of body of heater, the arc hearth of area of eye changing wind is hearth of straight canister form, enlarge wind eye area (included angle of the centre of a circle enlarges 180 ° ) by 150 ° . In the meantime, brick of area of lengthen wind eye, make wind eye brick bodily form brick by combination brick instead. 3)AOD furnace builds initial stage, lining uses magnesian chromic brick entirely, later the development as magnesian dolomite material, in the other position beyond wind eye area progressively promotion uses magnesian dolomite brick, wind eye area uses electric frit all the time half recombine magnesium chromic brick. After system of slagging of AOD fine craft is changed, lining uses magnesian dolomite data entirely. 4) is related AOD furnace respect of equipment of form a complete set, added pneumatic to send appearance equipment, improved equilibrium of block of air current system, those who transformed all sorts of gas discharge is self-recording with control system and chemical composition fast transform device, for AOD furnace the sufficient play of productivity created strong condition. As afore-mentioned measure carry out stage by stage, furnace life also rises ceaselessly: Average furnace life was 1 quarter 32.8 times 2000, the four seasons spends average furnace life to be broken through 60 times, average December furnace life is broken through 80 times; Mean monthly 2001 furnace life already exceeded 80 times, odd furnace is highest achieve 99 times; Came 2002 average 2003 furnace life 110, highest furnace life is amounted to 150 times, ton fireproof material uses up steel to fall by 43.98 Kg for 18.78kg. 2004, undertook transforming to AOD furnace equipment, added a top to go up oxygen gun, automatically makings and intelligent control system, at the same time furnace look expands to 45t. After transforming, smelt process control is accurate, smelt time is short, furnace life go up anew again step: Mean monthly furnace life is amounted to 160 times, highest amount to 189 times. AOD furnace uses entrance magnesium visibility of dolomite brick sex expresses L. Furnace of AOD of   of the   that express 1 uses entrance magnesium the 90 MgO of ≥ of W(CaO)/% 18-22 18-22 w(MgO CaO)/% of area of eye of wind of function project lining of dolomite brick ≥ 70 w(Al2
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