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The production of calcic simple fireproof stuff mixes our country magnesium use
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Magnesian calcic simple fireproof stuff is a kind of alkalescent and fireproof material, from go up the lining data that the century is used to make steel-making converter at the beginning of 60 time, made contribution for the development of industry of steel-making of our country converter. Arrive on century 80 time end, because the promotion of magnesian carbon brick applies, make magnesian calcium pledges the dosage of fireproof material decreases quickly, be washed out almost, seldom count manufacturer to use only. Since entering this century, the rapid progress that produces as our country stainless steel and clean steel, all sorts of magnesian calcic simple fireproof stuff are mixed with its peculiar performance characteristics, inferior value be taken seriously in the advantage of environmental protection respect afresh. Current, already was gone to by abundantly application on the fine equipment that the advanced steel such as stainless steel and clean steel plants, and develop with rapidder rate. Manufacturer home is ceaseless grow in quantity, product breed and crop increase ceaselessly, product quality rises ceaselessly, applied domain expands ceaselessly, use effect is better and better.
Produce and use of magnesian calcic simple fireproof stuff
Current, our country production and use magnesian calcium pledge fireproof material includes all sorts of firing magnesian calcic brick, do not burn magnesian calcium (carbon) brick and magnesian calcium pledge intermediate bag coating and dry type pound dozen of makings to wait.

1 firing produce and use of magnesian calcic brick

Current, our country formal production is firing the main business of magnesian calcic brick has 3, be located in Liaoning province, Shanxi province and Zhejiang province respectively. Additional, what Henan saves some enterprise to build is firing product line of magnesian calcic brick is in trial production. The manufacturing technology of each manufacturer has distinction besides uses raw material outside, other field is basic and same, basically be continue to use firing before oily dip is magnesian the manufacturing technology of dolomite brick. Make bond with olefin, use hot condition batch mixing, hot condition shapes, firing inside channel kiln, firing the system also does not have big change. Just be opposite firing hind differ somewhat on bricky processing technique. Former firing oily dip is magnesian the manufacturing technology of dolomite brick is, will firing the brick after undertakes bitumen macerate below vacuumize condition, the purpose is the porosity that reduces a brick, the intensity with raising a brick and the function that fight broken bits. Present manufacturing technology is, will firing the brick is in the magnesian calcium after to often press next undertaking that dip candle is handled, the purpose is will magnesian calcic brick sealed, make its and outside moisture completely cut off, prevent its to hydrate.

Producing equipment field, manufacturer of most now production is used heat type blender batch mixing, undertake heating to grain makings alone no longer before batch mixing, it is however in batch mixing process, the edge mixes an edge to heat, simplified to manufacture technology.
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